Trump Likely to Support Senate Bill to Relax Marijuana Laws

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  1. Trump will pass the HEMP FARM BILL if the agriculture committee can get to his desk ,This could be another $$CASH Crop for the FARMERS …No more Gov't Bail outs for farmers they want need it

  2. You need to get into edibles. Much more psychoactive and the high lasts much longer. The time seems appropriate. You're a gardener. I'll watch. That's about all.

  3. I'm in my 40's. My family was always pro-weed so I was always told the truth abt it. The adults didnt just openly smoke in front of us kids, they did go into another room. When they did the "just say no to drugs" when I was a kid, pot was also just trashed. As a kid, i realized why pot was such a gateway drug is bc kids were lied to abt it. If you're lied to abt that then maybe all the stuff was lies. I think it was really damaging. In my late 20's i noticed they change it to "weed makes you do nothing" It still over exaggerated but was closer to accurate.

    I think it shld be legal. I also never thought of it as a drug.

  4. If you want to have bong hits without the dryness, get a nice bong with a long stem that has dimples at the base of the stem. These are to hold ice cubes in the stem. Put fresh cold water in the base and fill the stem with ice cubes. It’s like a breath of fresh air, doesn’t even feel like you’re inhaling smoke it’s so cool. Peace out 🙂

  5. Here in Oregon the use of rec went through the roof when it went legal. I always had figured, growing up, that about 25% of the adult population used. But when it went legal everyone started to do it.

  6. Being born in 1964, I've been smoking grass since before most of you millennials were born, Just saying…. (btw – cannabis has REALLY changed in strength and Hawaiian Creeper was the best shit I ever smoked until the 21at century- at a Styx concert in Billings, MT at age 17) EDIT: and I've been saying since I was 16 to legalize then tax the shit out of it to pay off the national debt. This, of course, was when the debt was actually manageable.

  7. Just slap a high tax on pot if you want people to not abuse it, the economy gets richer and most pot users will moderate because of cost like they do with cigarettes.
    Either way you can't stop people using pot.

  8. Hopefully this is another victory for state's rights, the US needs more localized government anyway; putting everything at the top just leads to unbalanced top-heavy dictates that rarely work out for the best.

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