1. Don't be so lazy, go outside to smoke.
    BUT if for some reason you MUST smoke inside open the window, put a fan in the window, blowing outside, and smoke right in front of that fan. When finished put the fan away, you don't want your parents asking why you have the fan or complaining that you are airconditioning the outside.
    Also buy a activated carbon air filter for your room, one quiet enough to always be running it. Mantain it, keep the fan blades clean and change the carbon filter frequently.

    Also keep your room clean, do not give your mother a reason to "clean" (snoop around in) your room. If she is anything like my mother she does not want to do any cleaning she does not have to do. Wash your own clothing, one less reason for her to be in your room at all.

  2. PLEASE HELP Hey so i just smoked about 1.5 grams with a bong and i did it out side probably 200 yards from my house with 2 other people. While we were outside we sprayed a ton of axe on us and walked into the door immediately after. Then i realized that the whole house smelled for some reason. I have a big house and on the second story i opened a window and same thing on the bottom then i sprayed a bunch of febreez how long should the smell stay!? It is 2:am and im so scared pls help

  3. Huge tip don’t just smoke with the window open make sure you blow the smoke out cos there will be a draft coming from the window blowing the smoke in away from the window you should use a fan btw

  4. I don't smoke in my room but when my mom goes to sleep I go to my basement, my basement is so smelly (not weed smell, like musk or whatever) and I have a little like sesh place with chairs and shit down there. The only ones who go down there are obviously me and my sister and brother. (My dad comes home for like a week out of the month since he works away.) When dad's home he does like everything in the basement so I just go outside when he's home, for the most part. All I do when I'm done is spray the basement door and then I'm done, the downstairs smell overpowers the weed smell and it's completely gone by morning. If my mom or dad ever actually smelt it I could just blame it on the Neighbors since my town usually just smells like weed.

  5. I mostly smoke out of a wax pen but when I do smoke bud I make a sploof And I spray febreez at the end facing my portable AC unit and lay out a bowl of vinegar just in case than take some mints , eye drops and spray myself with musk very strong colone but the rest in a pill bottle hide it under my trash can till it’s about to get full then I’ll hide it under the dresser using this method I never got caught

  6. I open my window point the fan at the window put a pillow on all my vents close my door put a blanket underneath and blow the smoke out the window and when I’m done I keep the fan pointing out the window for like 30 minuets and I ain’t ever been caught

  7. Dude my first time getting caught ripped a water bottle before school while my big bro was getting ready in the room next door, thought the bed was a sufficient enough air filter for my skunky ass funky green, I was very wrong very fast.

  8. I open the window and put the fan on my window but facing the window and that sh** lowkey work or in you bathroom if you have wanna those vents that get the steam out turn it on and smoke that hoe there and it will work

  9. If you're dumb enough to smoke a blunt when you need to be discreet, figuring out how to get yourself dressed in the morning would be a more pressing issue than covering smells. That's like if a girl needed to wash her hair but couldn't get her makeup wet so she ONLY sprays herself down with a garden hose as opposed to taking a shower. With a pipe you can immediately terminate the smolder between each hit. Then you need a good place to stash the pipe. Dryer sheets and coffee grounds are both known to cover the smell well so you can use your imagination and make different precautionary devices like a blower or filter.

  10. Honestly just put a blanket at the bottom of the door, stand right up to the window, hold the joint out as far as possible while you smoke and chew a gum after,open all the windows and maybe spray some deodorant or smoke a cigarette to cover up the smoke of cannabis with the smell of tobacco.

  11. I smoke in my room and open my window blow the smoke out and it helps that my mom thinks my incense smells like weed so I just burn those to mask me really smoking as well lol

  12. I close my door, open my window, let the door closed and the window open 30 minutes after i'm done and when I get a little paranoid I spray my room, the smell of the spray "mixes" with the weed smell and the smell of that spray goes away really fast so the weed smell too somehow. I live in an apartment underneath my parents apartment so I get caught only when I'm just done smoking and my parents come down (for x reason). Also sometimes I use a homemade smoke buddy. It works really well.

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