1. It's funny we got legal pot country wide this year in Canada. We had great street weed but wow when it was legal the strains I never herd of so many different types of weed to try. It's great everything I buy I find my self checking you channel and see what you think of it love the vids

  2. Sour Diesel is my favorite strain. It was the first flower I ever knew the strain name of before smoking back when it was illegal. I remember it knocking me right on my ass and sweat pooling. I didnt clue in at the time but now that I'm a seasoned smoker the sour taste has to be my favorite in cannabis so far.

  3. I've got my last two Sour D plants in flower now. I let them veg to 3', so they should do a nice stretch in flower. Too bad it won't be ready in time for the Lift Expo. Cheers JJ and Krew. Have an awesome day.

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