Should weed be legal in New Jersey? Rutgers faculty weigh in

Neal Buccino, of Rutgers University, explains some of the thoughts that university faculty have about the positives and consequences about legalizing …


  1. the idea that it could be in the hands of children or adults underestimating the dosage, it's literally the same for alcohol, but thats legal right? way more fatalities from alcohol consumption than marijuana, saying something is bad without any credible facts behind it doesn't make something bad.

  2. Marijuana cures cancer
    Treats epilepsy, Parkinson’s, autism, Alzheimer’s

    Absorbs radiation from the environment

    Creates jobs

    Promotes mindfulness of the environment

    Better music.. Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin

    This generation isn’t having kids. Looking at big picture in concern to population health.. why not?

    The only people who are against rescheduling and legalization are people who have never consumed cannabis or those who have conflict of interest with pharmaceutical poison money.

  3. Literally everything said during this argument can be substituted with another substance that is very popular. ALCOHOL. Drunk drivers exist , alcohol poisonings happens University campuses and in high school students. It's has been known for the longest that Alcohol has been used by college students and of course underage freshman wanting to party and find friends. I think we need to look at what's already accepted and then think about the argument put forth. It seems very shady to me when we all act like there is not already a drug (alcohol) that is LEGAL yet causes all of these problems mentioned in the video.

  4. 1. As far as children getting their hands on the product, blame the damn parents!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Should be legalized, if you’re referring to medical marijuana then the answer is definitely yes!!!!!
    I suffer from M.S.
    More commonly known as multiple sclerosis it’s basically how on earth, so to have legal medication in a liquid form to say no to that is stupid !!!!!!!!!
    3. To put a broad spectrum on the product is not only stupid but foolhardy you have to take in consideration to medical introduction, such things as the liquid product that is used by placing a drop on the tongue for patients with M. S.
    For an example

  5. People should be more involved in these important processes. Not only a few elected idiots with questionable loyalties. With tech what it is, there's no reason the people mer involved making decisions for the people. Cut out corporate and law enforcement's interests.

  6. I wish all these so called politicians in Trenton were were on the " Fast Track " to try bring down the outrageous sky high property taxes in this state as they are trying to legalize marijuana.

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