1. Jeff Sessions thinks Reefer Madness is real, so Gateway Drugs must be real too! Good metaphor! Every time I smoke weed, gateways open and I crave bath salts and speed and DMT. The Clockwork Elves, they are what's inside of the gateway. Gateway drugs are totally real, the illuminati created gateway drugs.

  2. Typical Alinsky tactics, if you can't defeat someone's argument, assassinate their charachter. Guilt by association is a logical fallacy. RWW is funded by George Soros who pays billions to smear conservatives and patriots. FACT!

  3. Infowars got banned because he broke the community guidelines of privately owned companies who owned these platforms. If the business owner throws out a belligerent customer, then the owner should not be chastised. The owners reserve the right to refuse business to anyone. If the Platforms were utilities, owned by the people aka the Government, this would be a different story. As these platforms are owned privately, they have the right to boot someone out for not following guidelines.

  4. It can not happen soon enough for me. If a conservative social media, news platform does come to fruition, which is in the works, you will see these liberal sites all colapse as the majority of the country are against your communist ideologies.. You all are not liberals either so let's get things right and call you what you are.. Communist dictators!!

  5. Alex Jones uncovers conspiracies and at times voices conspiracy theories. He is a loud mouth at times, which gets him in trouble a lot, but he has the free right to speak his mind and not be banned. Social media is no longer privately owned companies, not every since they have used government funding and involved themselves in government contracts to be the world's police of their version of fake news. Therefore, they fall in the category of a public utility and they have committed a crime by banning certain people for that person's freedom of speech. They are guilty of discrimination and false advertisement as they advertise a platform for free speech. There is no law in the US for hate speech, so forget that.. They are under investigation and they will likely be prosecuted and possibly all of these suicidal media sites like FB, Twitter, Google will go Belly up..

  6. "Dominos fall"

    Funny, considering its been mostly left wing media sources, and left wing professors, being the ones getting shut down for opinions and statements(not violating rules), while the dipshit, Alex Jones, violates company guidelines, and incites violence, pretends he's being targeted for his opinions. Fucking morons!

    Right wingers projecting their own behaviors onto others?!?!? No way! Surprise surprise!

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