1. If a disease mutates, if it becomes more contagious it can also become much less virulent in the mutation process. Read that in time magazine, and they are always right. 🤔🙄

  2. We need to build a massive wall around America just to make sure we keep these fucking morons out. Let them all kill each other and we will be the last ones standing.

  3. Ebola is undoubtedly one of the nastiest diseases out there but if it's so deadly then how come there are so few cases? This strain has an approximately 64% death rate and yet even in a densely populated area of the congo where hygiene and sanitation is very poor, only 1200 cases have been identified.

  4. So, wait! Are you saying that the only hope of the African indigenous people is Western (colonial powers) medicine?

    But I thought we were the cause of all of the terrible things on the continent.

    Tell you what, lets just quarantine the continent, ban all western aid work and wait a few years. Let's see how far their indigenous technology advances them……………………………..

  5. Why on earth would they pass up a living laboratory to test out all their schemes and concoctions? You're assuming that they WANT to find a cure. More likely they simply want to study the outbreak, its spread and the way people react to it.

  6. Sounds to me like Tactical Nuclear Weapons should be considered here on the Ebola victims AS WELL AS THE REBELS attacking the doctors.

  7. I hate to be critical, but (here comes the "but"), your audio is out of sync with your video. Tip: I use a clicker, like the ones that folks use training dogs, a few seconds before I begin my presentation. That sharp click is very prominent in the audio tracks in your editor. Just shift the separately recorded track so that it jives with the audio track off the camera. Thanks for your video sir.

  8. They are killing one white family over there ever week maybe the Ebloa virus is a judgement why should any white person go over there and help them they hate us let them fucking die!!

  9. May shillary billary Jeffrey, , I ll shut up, fire up , fu
    Peace thru superior firepower.
    Fuck you Barry fuck you bill, fuck u George, fuck you ronnie
    Fuvk you England
    & my granddaughter told me I wuv u.
    Hey bill tell Haiti about it
    I dont care if Notre dame burned
    Peace to us all

  10. As a Microbiologist I thank you for keeping this in the news. There was a time when this would have been on the Nightly News every night along with other goings on in the World.
    Ebola can also spread to people who encounter the bodily fluids or viscera of infected primates or bats, such as when someone prepares these animals for food. Think about that….you pick up a piece of fruit to eat and it has a bit of infected bat guano on it……and you've got a possible Ebola infection. This outbreak killed 17 out of 21 when it first started. That's a very high mortality rate.
    This is how far we've fallen….there was a time when Newsweek and TIME would have covered this with the highest of Journalistic standards. Not only that the whole DRC fiasco would have been covered too. It's not racism to eradicate practices and supertitions that kill.
    Great vid thanks for keeping this out there, it's more important than you know.(Well, you know obviously…..)
    If anyone knows what happens when you spread a rumor(fake news..75% of Twitter) you'll understand mathematically the exponential model of how quickly Ebola spreads. This is of course a simplified example. A Logistic Growth Model would be much more accurate and to the point but in order to hit the point home……just think what happens when a tweet goes Viral……that's Ebola……snowballing until someone or something steps in……with The Truth . If it's ignored and allowed to propagate it only picks up more infected victims along the way. Truly a horrific way to die, I can't give enough kudos to those on the front fighting it but so far they haven't(the last time I checked) allowed the Brits or US in to help just DWB and WHO.

  11. Good luck Ebola chan! Lets pull out of Africa and quarantine the place! Let nature kill off the useless! Its funny how these morons are attacking aid workers, its typical of those apes and its HILARIOUS they are blaming the aid workers instead of the feral kangz for the violence.

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