1. Hard to imagine that a medicine that can give a child back to his parents is still taboo and surrounded with skepticism…and worst of all barely legal.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope it continues to be helpful to your beautiful family. It has given me hope, if i can get my grandbaby the same help, hopefully she will enjoy a more mainstream life. 🙂

  3. Is this a result of vaccines? my older sister had a daughter that was totally normal up until about the time she took vaccines; and a couple months after that she started showing signs of autism…… There have been shown documented Medical transcripts that show that vaccines have a connection with autism in small children

  4. Molly, people have been using chemistry to change their mood probably for as long as humans have existed. Animals do it also. That is not a good thing. Being dependent on a chemical is horrible, and I am not even talking about the chemical dependency. Just needing to have it available is a problem. What will he do when the price is raised so high it is not affordable. The biggest problem though is the long term effects. The brain stops doing things because the chemical takes over the brain. The withdrawals are the worst thing about chemical dependency. They can cause brutal suicide attempts or homocide because the mind has been destroyed. Training the mind again becomes necessary. The withdrawals can decrease, but the damages of depending on the chemical are permanent.

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