1. It's not racist enforcement that caused the racial disparity in arrest. While a young white Male is snagging a nug from his dad's stash, smoking in dads bong, in the safety of dad's house. Young people in poorer communities are roaming streets to score cash n grass and may not have a basement to smoke in. So group of kids on apartment steps smoking a blunt gets caught while white kids in basement are safe. Thanks dad haha

  2. Not only legalize pot but, TOTALLY LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS as well. Simply put, it is nobody's damned business what someone else wishes to do with, or put into, their own body. Mind your own damned business!

  3. I'm all for legalization of marijuana, and all other illegal substances for that matter. It would cripple the cartels to the south as well as gangs in the U.S. It would also make addiction treatment much more accessible to the people that want to get clean. But all collected tax revenue from the sale of these substances MUST go to rehabilitation and treatment of addicts FIRST!!

  4. Canada legalized (6 months and counting) and the sky didn't fall. The US should do the same. All the doom and gloom spouted by prohibitionist Canadian politicians hasn't come true.

  5. Soon…one will be removed by govt and not even see it coming as we'll be so stoned! Decriminalize pot, stop the govt from profiting from the sales! Grow your own! And always buy GMO pot, it works so much better!

  6. Today is the holiday of holidays for cannabis – 420. If you want to see if ending prohibition is logical, compared to alcohol – let's run the numbers on how many cannabis-only DUIs, which have a demonstrable negative impact – like a crash, which are on the record for the day.

    And compare it to the number of alcohol-only DUIs which also resulted in a demonstrable negative impact on a similar "alcohol holiday" – like the recent holidays of St. Patrick's day, and it's close tie, New Years Eve.

    Then, once you've crunched those numbers, sort according to The Law of Logical Orders of Operation, by severity. How many of those damaging DUIs, on those two different days, ranked in severity of damage – from terminal (fatal) down minor fender-bender. And compare which is worse overall – cannabis, or alcohol.

    Then, evaluate which is the more logical of the two, to have incorporated into your societal Logical Orders of Operation.

    That's where you make your logical decision. And the current logic is following the more logical path of supplanting alcohol in our society, locally, up to states, up to nations, up to the global increase in cannabis.

    It'll happen, it's just going to take time, and that time is closing very quickly in the Logical Orders.

  7. Legalization of weed was to legitimize the Monopoly of marijuana in the hands of a few. Legitimize the increase in penalties and punishment for attempting to compete with the newly forms monopolist who have the power to Dro sell the weed and make the profits from it. Leaving out the rest of society the ability to participate in the marijuana economy. Same s*** different pile just like the Monopoly over every other thing in the economy, I might add. In order to measure your freedom you must be able to measure it to your economic output, hence economic freedoms determine your freedom, after all the only real way to measure your freedom and that's through the proxy of being able to utilize your energy to create something of value that you can sell in an open market without molestation and interference by a third party holding a gun to your head for either their share turn on particular reason or to shut you down illegitimately. We Grant Birds the right to spit in this world freely yet we won't even consider for a moment to allow people to be free, we are very sick Society with a sick violent mentality

  8. I think the federal government should stick his nose out of the weed issue let the states make the decision in fact States should make more decisions about their own state that have to do it in the federal government says we need to go back to what the founding fathers originally wanted not the way Northern interest changed around 1800

  9. great, im looking to let free americans get a machinegun. Lets end this disgusting restriction on white people trying to lawfully own a machine gun. this is a racist law and it needs to be ended.

  10. Booker introduced his bill because it garners votes from people that only care about candidates on the surface. Unscheduling it has a chance. That and reparations would never get through the first vote. No matter how guys like this try to spin it, the onus falls on the individual committing the crime, not the justice system for the issue with the crime stats. I do believe, however, that Marijuana-related crime would essentially disappear overnight should it become federally legal because of the lack of need for police to use it as a stepping stone type of approach for bigger crimes.

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