1. Fuck bro.. good luck in everything. I know im late and ive been watching all ur shit. But this is really inspiring.. im on 1g of shroom right now at work and this is everything rn 💯

  2. Yo Audible I've been a fan since the LSD at the Beach video. Great to see you're doing better since your shit got stolen. You might not get the chance to live this dream again man so you better go hard as fuck for all of us lmao. Excited to see where your channel goes from here.

  3. that's awesome bro. I am so happy that you have this opportunity to succeed in you passion and are grasping it. also very happy you and your family are together been watching since y'all been off and on. wish you the best. I got sure will be clicking all your vids lol

  4. You smoke and drink while looking after your kids on your own? Im not judging but im a dad too and personally wouldnt be getting lit while in care of my kids. Love your channel regardless. Good luck with the new change.

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