1. My first time smoking I had a half of a blunt left and no where to put it so I decided to put i in a baggie and rap the bag in tinfoil but it in a empty two liter bottle i closed the bottle lid on the corner of the baggie but it in an empty school bag and sprayed some lynx in there and it covers the smell

  2. I once had some weed in a baggy n would just throw it in my cupboard n u couldn't smell shit . The next time, got some good weed in a baggy, put it in a jar with plastic above and smells up the whole fucking room n gets found

  3. Love your vids dude, but lowkey check your breath before you go inside after your smoking, you can always play off the axe smell and a some red eyes but your fucked if your mom goes to get something out of the kitchen while you’re getting munchie snacks and decides to have a convo then it’s game over😂

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