How to Become More Disciplined (animated short story)

In this video essay, I discuss how a fictional character – known as Lucas – became more disciplined and changed his life with greater self-control.


  1. I remember watching this video like a year or so ago. I’ve always been trying to discipline myself, but I tried to do so many at a time, I never thought to only take on one task until it’s second nature to me like this video thought me. Now I have money in the bank for a rainy day. I get more out of my day. This video really was a stepping stone to where I’m still heading for in life today.

  2. Hi alux, please make a video about how to take care a 5 years old kid that always make me stressfull. I feel like going to be crazy. I hate my life I hate my baby I hate all around me right now!!!!

  3. lucas was being raised by a single mother which is always a bad situation for a child. women are ruining their kids lives with their selfish behavior. if she had not died he probably would have turned out terrible. if anything it is a miracle his mother died and we should be thankful she kicked the bucked otherwise he may not have become whop he became. hurts bu5t is true, bitch should have got married.

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