How I Made $4000 Portfolio – Dividends Investing with Robinhood App 2019

My portfolio Finally Crossed $4000 and I’m so excited. It took me 7-8 months of consistency but I finally got it accomplished! In this video I go over my portfolio …


  1. Love your honest, frank appraisal of your investment portfolio – whether good or bad.
    THAT's what makes normal everyday people attracted to watch a REAL person talk about their own personal investments! Keep it up !

  2. Hey Bruce I dont know if you know this but you can see how much you've made in robinhood dividens every month and year to date. When you're in Robinhood go to account scroll down click account statement and you can see every month. P.s. love the videos man good job!!!

  3. I dont have 100 a week to put in let's be realistic for a regular guy like me I put in 10 a month and if I see I stock that has dividens then I will purchase is that basically how it works? buy stocks with dividends I just started a week ago.

  4. You missed out on $ERIC as I mentioned a while back. I notified you in the 9.60's – it's now up at 10.20! perfect quick swing trade. I'm thinking of making a website notifying swing trades and am looking to find people interested in helping create content/help promoting. Anyone feel free to reply if interested!

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