Gas cbd flower review ( Five Leaf Wellness )

This is my review of the strain called ” Gas ” from Use code SmokingLegal19 to get a discount at checkout. Side note, at one point during …


  1. Well i went by Five Leaf welness today and got some of this gas and some lemon squeeze. First time trying this stuff and alls i can say is wow. The gas is amazing i cant explan the relaxiation and medicated feeling it has given me. Thank you Taz if it wasnt for your videos i wouldnt have found out about this cbd bud or known that five leaf wellness was only 15 min from my crib.

  2. Hey I have a question y smoke this when your going to be dirty why not smoke the real thing I tryed this and I was dirty I dont smoke any more but I'm just saying what's the point of the hemp flowers

  3. Another good review Taz!!^5 to ya my man..I was curious have you ever did a review of the Lemon Squeeze Five Leaf has?I was thinking about pulling an OZ of it and wanted to know your thoughts…Good to see you again as always…

  4. Get you a pair of scissors! How’s it going to initially look if you get pulled over by the popo? 😂 Coming from a mother 👵🏾 Not yo momma but everybody’s momma.

  5. Yes my dude it really is amazing, awesome review, on point as always, I went and got me a quarter the other day of gas and it truly is amazing, I'll be getting me some mo fo sho to,keep up the good work, almost 3,500 next stop 4,000!!!!!!!

  6. Another great vid Taz!!! Ayy I can’t find myself ordering from any other place other than Monrow 🤷🏽‍♂️ as much as I want to try other company’s Monrow just doesn’t disappoint!!!!

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