G Pen Nova – Grenco Science Unboxing Review

G Pen Nova – Grenco Science In this installment, we will be unboxing and reviewing the new G Pen Nova. Instagram: @TEAGARDINS Youtube: …


  1. I love my GPen Nova but I don’t use it for herb because of the smell. It works great with extracts. But then, I also have two GPen Slims and I love those, too. For me, it’s all about anonymity and no odor. Packaging is very imaginative and I can tell an engineer designed the packaging. The only criticism I have of the Nova is the mouthpiece, which does not always shut tight; it has to be twisted on.

  2. Hi TeadardinsTV! Great review! I wish I would have watched this before I bought the G Pen Nova. I recently bought the Nova to replace my G Pen Slim that I've used for a long time. I really liked my Slim but it was getting old. I had trouble using the Nova for my dry herbs but didn't realize that it wasn't the best for that. What kind of vape pen do you recommend for dry herb that is similar to the slim? I've had a positive experience so far with Grenco Science but willing to try a different brand.

  3. Worst vape pen for dry herb or wax, i bought it like a couple of weeks ago, original with code and the ceramic coil plate of the chamber fell off, within some days of barely use, chinese crap!

  4. I've had a horrible experience with this. Bought it about a week ago mainly for dry herb. I'm new to vape pens so didn't know what to expect. However, I expected more than this! I can't even get a good hit. I inhale and inhale yet no vapor. I emailed them not sure if it was user error or a bad pen. I tried loosely packing it, and packing it tight. Nothing helped. Seems to just burn the herb yet no vapor or smoke. I'm curious how it hit for you with dry herb.

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