It time to harvest those buds and the best part about growing your own, first bounce… In this video I do some testing with a water activity meter and talk about …


  1. Please don’t throw anything away I am a service connected disabled veteran who has PTSD and I live on $400 a month please send anything you can to me so I can have meds to smoke! My mailing address is. Shawn LeBlanc 203 West Main Street Delcambre, LA 70528

  2. your story inspired me. do another video of where you came from to where you are now i was living in pain till i found the right medicine like you. your grows are at the top of my list.

  3. Can you press dry sift the way Frenchi Cannoli presses bubble? Dry sifting for me is easier than making bubble has because of my living situation. But I like old school Moroccan style hashish,but I want to try making a more refined type

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