2018 Cali Legal Grow * Day 15 * Moisture Levels for Living Soil?

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  1. What's going on Vader quick question Is it OK that I spray my girls down with RO water when they are in there last couple weeks of flower? Thank you so much for your expertise and knowledge my GrowBRO..

  2. Do you see faster different results feeding 🌱 at full strength vs with just water for the first 2 weeks? l try to feed them but don’t notice much of a difference.

  3. Aloha Darth! Your videos are always nice and crisp, I really enjoy watching.

    I was wondering if you ever had a stealth operation before, and maybe some tips on things to avoid getting raided or something?

    Peace and love from Unagi!

  4. Aloha! Looking superb!
    I'll start with my question:
    Any recommendations for an inexpensive solution for closeup pictures/video? I love watching your videos they are absolute eye candy.
    Also, I've found the lounge! https://oceangrownlounge.com
    I have been working with OG gear for a few months now, just about to flower my sexed and vegged clones for the first time (…can barely contain myself).
    I use another forum currently for my grow logs as well have been dipping my toes into YouTube a little bit. I would love to use the Tube primarily as my journaling method but it's also important to keep written records.
    Anyway very excited, I will have to start a log over there for my OG gear/grows.

  5. Haha dude I swear, you're like the Morgan Freeman of cannabis, I could listen to you narrate anything cannabis related lol loving this day to day series.

  6. hey vader i just started a stealth pc grow box in my closet and i have one og kush auto flower. what is the best small carbon filter you would recomend? also what voltage light can i use for one solid plant? thanks bro cheers

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