#1 Rule To Follow Before Each Trade 📈📚| Beginner Trading

Charlie talks about his #1 Rule that he makes sure to follow each and every trade. This is for traders of all skill levels. ✅WeBull: Free Stock For Signing Up …


  1. I NEEDED this video, I hit the like button b4 the video even began. I'm an investor but decided to try trading and I've lost 65$ last week alone.

  2. Your videos are by far the most comprehensive i have watched. Very basic but effective strategies that i will be implementing ASAP. Keep up the good work….
    One question, do u use/would consider/recommend Trade-Ideas stock scanner and alert software?

  3. Your videos are great. So in regards to swing trades (oversold/overbot) strategy. With options if you trade options. A video about strike price selection during swing trade evaluation. N e ways love the videos

  4. Hey. I have a question that I’ve had for a minute and although this is a GREAT VIDEO(hats off to you sir) it does not answer my question. Where can I go to find the main indexes for all the main sectors. You gave a few examples but I can’t ever find anything on yahoo or CNBC or anything that will tell me the major indexes of each sector

  5. Following a sectors pattern to tell a clearer story of a stock is something I have heard is important but I have done yet, because frankly I was unaware of a good way to do it. This was a clearly illustrated process to do so. Thanks!

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