1. You have EVERY right to have a pity party Jacquie!! That’s why we’re here for you! You’ll be in your gorgeous house before you know it. Praying that all surgery goes really well. Be kind to your sweet self and gets lots of love from Hippo. ❤️🙏🏻

  2. Don't worry Jaquie, you are so brave. You are my inspiration. Whenever I do stuff that's hard (like sirtthrough school when I am in extreme pain) I always do it for you. Thank you for filming. You brave person!

  3. Hey Jaquie, I've been going through something similar. It's not my first home and it's not with a partner, but I'm buying a new place and selling my current place right now. I placed the offer on my new place from a bed in the ER! The open house on my current place was 2 days after I had major surgery to remove part of my stomach (NOT weight loss surgery, actually more difficult as the bit that needed removing was on the back – it was actually something a lot rarer than EDS, major teaching hospital and noone had done the surgery before). It's actually taken some of the stress away because I'm not focusing on it so much, though after the easter bank holidays (I'm in the UK) I'm going to have to get on to things. You are blessed to be going through this with Judd, you may feel you are missing something exciting – but you still get to do it, you are going to own your first home with Judd – I've also not seen inside the place I am buying yet. Hope everything goes well for you.

  4. You know, it could as easily have been Judd who missed out on the house walk through if he had been called up right now – instead of you being in the hospital. And you would have taken care of things in his absence. You guys are a team! Feel better soon hon. (Beth)

  5. Think of it this way: instead of walking through and finding all the flaws, that will all be done when you get out. And when you go to your finished house the first time, it won't be to check for problems. It will just be happy 💖💝

  6. I'm sorry your going through this! I have a couple of autoimmune diseases and it's seems hard to plan anything because you never know when you'll end up in flare! Keeping you in my prayers.

  7. Do you ever run into people who think you are faking your illnesses or just being lazy? That happens to me but I haven’t been formally diagnosed. I don’t know how to deal with people who think I’m faking it. It happens too often and people start to doubt me. What do I do?

  8. I hear your disappointment! However, there can often be some small mistakes or incomplete bits with a new house which need addressing and can bring bits of disappointment to the first view. Judd seeing it without you means he can identify them and order the necessary rectifications before you see it, avoiding you from having the disappointment of seeing them so your first time will be more likely to be perfect and have all the excitement without disappointments. Hope you can get home soon!

  9. I had my baby the day we were supposed to move but it worked out great for me they had everything moved and I was able to go there from the hospital with the baby. I don't know if you thought about it but you can easily get a infection from shaving and it just takes a tiny little nick.

  10. All this bureaucratic nonsense is always counterproductive to one's health,cant get this because this doctor isnt associated at this place..or this place isnt set up for this or that..such a mess all the time.

  11. U GOT THIS Jaquie!!! We are cheering for you!!! We are praying your leg is sorted as quickly & as painlessly as possible, & that the surgery goes without any hitches!! I have to say, when you showed us your leg the other day (as a nurse) it looked to me like a mosquito bite that got infected-could that be a possibility? Either way, I really do hope all goes to plan, & well, for your surgery!!!

  12. Hey hun, so sorry you couldn't do the first walk through and I'm sorry that it seems like a house of cards with all that is not quite going to plan as yet. You're doing SOOOO well to focus on the blessings when you have every reason to wallow. I'm proud of you for that! I'll be thinking of and praying for you and I really hope you can get out of hospital by like friday or saturday morning etc. Hugs and love xoxo

  13. Jacquie I look at your journey when I can and pray for you. You give me courage to keep on. God gives the hardest battles to those whom he bestows grace. You surely have God's grace with you. I wish we could meet one day. I left Fl in 2012 to come back to the Bay Area. Maybe I can visit. I so understand pain and suffering as I have had my fair share with no one around me except my working husband. Some people at my church were there for me. But these challenges make us stronger. I pray you will get to see your first home with Harlow and your huz. Judd is so funny, makes me laugh!!! Glad he keeps you entertained too. All will be well with you. Tomorrow is Good Friday and know that there is resurrection after the pain. God bless you lots. If you need my contact info anytime, let me know…🙏🏻😇❤️

  14. Jaquie I feel you! I just got out of the hospital last friday I was there for a week. (doctors dont know what was wrong I just got really sick really fast) And with that I missed all my final exams and of course it was boring and scary and depressing. You really help me though so please let that bring you joy! <3

  15. Seems the last few times you’ve had flares, an infection followed…maybe the infection is causing the flares and at the first sign of a flare they start you on the antiMRSA meds to get a jump on it? Try to avoid the need for surgery.

  16. I feel really sad for you for a few reasons – 1. your suffering pIn wise 2. your not feeling well and 3. you missed the walk through. You handled yourself with a LOT more grace & control then I am sure I would have. My prayers are with you ! (((HUGS))) 🙂

  17. Couldn't Judd have video'd the walk through live, so you could communicate and see things? Oh it looks like It's happening, great! So excited for you Jacquie, new home to look forward to in the future. Incentive to get better quickly.

  18. OMG Jaquie, you go for that pity party! You're allowed…..this was something VERY special, not only in your life, but for you, Judd and Harlow too. So wallow in it, soak in it, and trust me, by ALLOWING yourself to FEEL all those emotions, you WILL feel better!
    I'm not saying you're still not disappointed, but have that pity-party and rock it. But next time, invite all of us to join you….I'll bring the balloons!

  19. About MRSA: I originally got it from shaving. I got some hairs by the root, the bacteria got in, and since 2014, I've had abscesses pop up anywhere they want. Once that bacteria is in your body, a MRSA abscess flare is pretty random. Granted I don't have all the health issues that you do, though I am type II diabetic, which is also a chronic illness. It does mean my immune system is a bit weakened. I imagine treating your abscess symptoms are probably different than how I've been instructed to treat them… I wish you luck though…

  20. I think I have it bad until I watch you, you are my inspiration. Hope all is well with the surgery and a speedy recovery.
    I cant wait to see you, Harlow and Judd walk though the door of your new home together, maybe you go straight there when you get out of the hospital.
    Get Well Soon…💞

  21. 0:28 Then again, I believe it's intended as a wish to others. Having said that, I do understand what you mean.
    5:39 That would be ideal.
    10:48 Agreed!
    10:53 I'm not surprised.
    11:49 That's too bad.
    14:15 This reminded me of the day when you were in the hospital and your mom pushed you in a wheelchair. You were going by the exit and you said something like, "Mom! Here's our chance! Let's make a run for it!" 🙂

  22. I love coming home from school and watching your vlogs while I do my homework. It gives me a boost of happiness when I see how strong you are and how you stay positive through it all. Cant wait till you guy's are in the house!

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