1. My hole life and my family’s life always revolves around my illness it stinks from my daughters first day of school till her graduation some how we did it you really love each other you will make it by the way I’ve been married 35 years he was my high school sweetheart heart too!! I remember or first house good luck!!!!!

  2. Hope this comment finds you on the mend AT HOME… but I wanted to thank you.

    My heating pad…your favorite recommendation…will arrive tomorrow.

    I have chronic pain from Ulcerative Colitis, that comes with Inflammatory Peripheral Arthritis, RA, both in a bad flare, AND I am having the weirdest PCOS period in a long. time.

    I also need antibiotics I don’t want for the green junk I am hacking up. But that’s so painful in itself.

    I never buy for myself. But I really do need it.

    So I ordered it and got free 1 day delivery. I can’t wait.

    Without yours and Janeice’s(damnit I’ve forgotten how to spell her name!!!) experience and recommendations I probably would never have been confident to buy one.

    So thank you in advance!!!

  3. Judd, love the house. Great job! Jacquie, great job behind the scenes! Glad you're feeling better. Happy Easter y'all. God bless you.
    In His Constant Care,
    PS Really diggin the hardwood floors!

  4. Hey J&J, I thought I'd reach out and leave you a message. 😊 I hope you manage to get home soon, I totally understand how the stress of a life change can impact on chronic conditions. April 2017 I was hospitalised for my brittle asthma (I'd developed an infection as stress lowers your immune system, that and I'm very prone to respiratory type infections anyway), a fortnight before we were supposed to move. My poor partner was in Judd's shoes. I persuaded them to discharge me the day after the move (because I needed someone to take me home and I couldn't have done it any later due to the distance). It's really tough trying to adjust to home life after a fairly lengthy admission at the best of times, let alone in a brand new house (that I'd never seen in person) with everything in boxes/bags! 😂😂😂 I've no doubt you'll manage with Judd and Harlow there to help!

    I've never played trouble, but there are so many awesome boardgames out there that I can highly recommend. I'm sure Judd would appreciate the chance to play something different for a change! I don't know if you like card games, but I enjoy magic the gathering. There's also an elder scrolls version and a version by blizzard (world of warcraft) called hearthstone. They're all basically the same game, the rules are pretty universal.

    In terms of full on board games, there's cat lady (I'm sure you could find a dog version if you really wanted though haha), pandemic, code names (for larger groups), settlers of catan, small world, game of thrones, firefly and thunderbirds. It's by no means a comprehensive list, there are more boardgames out there than you could possibly imagine! There's something for absolutely everyone out there, no matter how uncommon the interest is. You can get lots of games based on TV/book series', genre, type of game play etc. I'm sure Judd would appreciate the chance to take a break from trouble! 😂 Even something on your phone like head's up (the charades type game).

    I love boardgames, my partner introduced me to them and I've got the bug haha. We've got lots of different levels of games too, so if the brain fog & ADD is bad and I can't handle a long, complicated game I can pick something more chilled out and less stressful. There's also cards against humanity, that's always a good one!

    Hope you get out soon, take care both!

    So sorry for rambling, I'm exhausted and pushed beyond my limit today, but I can't go to bed yet. It's a stuck in the bathroom kinda night haha.

  5. Your house is so beautiful and I’m so excited for you guys! And hope the transition to your new home and out of the hospital goes smoothly and as comfortable as possible for you all. And thank you for this video it’s helped my husband to see another couple walking through this similar chronic illness journey

  6. Hope you're feeling better! The house looks beautiful. I don't know what kind of appliances you guys are going for, but I would suggest avoiding stainless steel anything because it's evil to keep clean. Any finger print, any spot, it's staring you right in the face. Can't wait to see you guys move in! Enjoy 🙂

  7. That’s what I miss about living in my old house. A laundry room! I live in an apartment now and thee are 53 units and only two washers and dryers. Plus I’m in a wheelchair and need help with laundry now bc it’s a top loading washer.

  8. I'm so happy about your new home!!! Jaquie I'm praying that you are out of the hospital and for you to be able to do all of the finalization stuff with Judd. LOVE and PRAYERS ALWAYS from Gainesville Florida.

  9. Lots of apartment buildings in NYC don’t have washers or dryers so laundromats are pretty common. Luckily out of the 3 apartments I’ve lived in NYC only one building had no laundry. The others had it in the basement (which is pretty common) or in UNIT (which is kind of like finding a unicorn). It’s pretty common in a lot of older apartment buildings.

  10. Jacqui!!!! I am the exact same way with my husband. The house is NEVER clean enough. I have Cystic Fibrosis and this germ control is much more important than it is for him and he just DOESN’T GET MY OCD OVER GERMS! 💜

    Congratulations on your new house!!

  11. You, Judd and Harlow what a team! So happy you both are in love thru all the trials! A beautiful testimony of love and endurance between a man and his wife! Praying for yr soon recovery and entering yr new home!!!! HappyEaster/Resurrection Day and Congratulations on yr new home💜

  12. What a great home y’all have found for yourselves! It’s beautiful. Speaking from experience, make sure you know where lamps are for your first night. I didn’t notice until I moved in that my new apartment, 35 years ago, had no overhead lighting in the main room. I had one high intensity student lamp that I carried around from area to area! Fortunately my brother and my mom came a few days later and brought lamps among other things I really needed!

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