Why is My Cast Iron Sticky? And How to Fix It!

If you’ve got problems with you cast iron sticking or there is a residue that builds up- we’ve got the answers of why that’s happening and how to fix it! There are …


  1. Cowboy Kent, I found a flat grill that goes on two burners (someone threw it away in the garbage and I rescued it). It's has one side for grilling meats and the other for pancakes etc. Now I know why they threw it away it's been unloved for a long time. There is rust and burnt on stuff on it. How can I get it to be back to normal again? I've seen it being put in the oven, and use a drill with sand paper or also drill brush, I don't have anything but a brush for the grill. Help!

  2. They have these cast iron chains on Amazon, which work wonders! I clean mine with hot water and kosher salt (when using grease)… I also use my chain! It’s great, takes no time! I do let pot cook for a short amount of time! No soap ever!

  3. Crisco is the best way to season I think and . I have slick insides of my skillet basically they belonged to my parents . I’m 67 so u can imagine how old the skillets are . Lodge skillets . You have awesome recipes .

  4. I was raised with cast iron and it never seemed a hard thing to me at all. We always kept a greasy rag in a can by the stove. Rinse them out. Dry them off. Heat them up. Wipe them with the rag. Done.

  5. Thank you for the information Cowboy Kent. I just bought my grandson his first set of cast skillets and followed someone's instructions on how to season them,. Oil them put in 350 oven upside down for one hour let them cool in the oven, I did this and now they are sticky , guess I'll try your method to get the stuff off them and start all over. Sending many blessings your way.

  6. Pard, I think you forgot one important point. 99% of all cast Iron skillets and pots sold have a surface that is just too rough to be truly stick free no matter how much you season them. What I do is I go to Harbor Freight and I buy a polishing disk kit that costs about $16 and has several disks that you put on a grinder. The disks range from medium rough to very, very fine. The trick is to work your way to the finest grit on the skillet or pot. By the time you are through, which should not take too long, you will be able to use the skillet/pot like a mirror. Then you season it and I assure you, aint nothing ever going to stick to it, not even a grease buildup.

  7. I have several new Lodge pans which I have polished and seasoned well. When I do eggs I am chasing them all over, but if I do bacon first, the bacon leaves a scum and the eggs are destroyed. Only way I can do it is to use 2 separate pans. I really love these pans but somebody was saying these are unhealthy to eat from because of the iron. How safe are these and how can I do my bacon and eggs in the same pan? Keep up the good work!!!

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