What's Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction Like? 18 Years Sober | Shares Her Experience

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  1. I like to watch these videos to understand what my sis inlaw is going through but please that weird shreeking at the end is a real put off. Why do you do that?

  2. This woman is a real inspiration in her down to earth description. I love the fact that she accepts life is never that easy but "shows up and gets on with it" and keeps the conviction no matter what happens and looks around for other tools to help her when it's difficult. Way to go!

  3. I dont want to offend anyone… but are their certain states that say sober when referring to being clean from drugs? Because here in AZ “sober” is alcohol and “clean” is drugs. I’ve just always been taught not to mix the two up but a lot of people say sober on this channel… btw i am almost one year clean and learned most of this from NA meetings. I dont want to come off as critical

  4. I saw things that we're very real because they showed up on camera. And some made it to my camera without me or anyone else taking the picture. They're demonic. My wife who is sober would be my witness because she would see some things I showed her that I saw.

  5. I'm an addict with 2 years clean in June. I used meth for 22 yrs and went to hell and back several times and lost everything including my ass… literally. I too, would not trade my life now for the world. So many miracles have happened and I have gained so much back just by not using. It does take time and it is not easy but it is worth it. I am worth it. Every addict is worth it! God bless everyone who struggles with drugs and alcohol. Give yourself a break and a chance. There is a lot of help out there and you dont have to do it alone.

  6. Its fascinating to me that some of these drugs MAY open doors to other times/dimensions. Obviously, DMT has the highest potential for that….I've never experienced a "spiritual" experience through all my years of prayer/meditation. But give me some good pot, or even alcohol, and I "feel" a presence. I wish I could "have faith" without drugs, but I've been sober and praying for years, and there's nothing.

  7. Meth is very frustrating to the people that care about the addict as well. I’ve tried to help a couple of friends early on in their addiction only to be told that I should mind my own business. I finally just had to move on because I knew all of my efforts were a waste of time and energy. I hope some day they will get clean but in the mean time I need to move on with my life.

  8. meth doesn't leave you clean and healthy, it leaves you with medical damage. My stupid. brother was a meth head, hated his family, stole from them , beatup his friends, was very violent and abusive, did ignorant things like cooking pot after pot of food and then throwing it away, stayed on his room for days hallucinating, crying and talking to nobody there, skin and bones spit dripping from mouth and smelling. He became a basket case but that wasn't the worst of it! everytime he used the shit his blood pressure went dangerously high and enough times his heart started to grow because of high blood pressure and to stupid already to stop or go see a doctor his heart got to big and bang! a massive heart attack! He's DEAD now and thats good because the SHIT don't got him no more! So even if you stop tge shit better get yourself checked out for you may be in for some more HELL!

  9. I think addiction to meth can be a lot tougher for women to break because it enhances sex for them also the fact they can do something that feels good to get more of the drug to go deeper into addiction. Its a vicious circle that I have personally seen a couple strippers go thru and I wouldnt wish that shit on my worst enemy it damn near killed them both. Thank God its not physically addictive like opiates.

  10. Last night I found your channel. I was coming down off a very large dose of meth and I actually convinced myself that I was going to die. I looked up meth overdose symptoms and I had many of these symptoms yet i was too scared to go to the hospital. I was terrified. The funny thing is, is that I had one dose left and even going through all of that fear i was still planning on taking the "one last dose" the next morning. My body was acing at this point and my mind was almost blank except for thoughts about what was in that bag. I was really worried at this point so I smoked a small amount of weed to combat my Intense fear and shortly after, without even thinking about it I grabbed my bag with the one last line of meth and dumped it out my window. I have been through a lot of trauma and have had very hard times in my life. Yet dumping that bag out the window was the hardest thing I have ever done. I (thankfully) just woke up and my brain is stripped of every emotion. I feel like an empty shell as of right now and I really need that rush again but thankfully marijuana has helped fight this emptiness to an extent. I can tell this is going to be an up hill battle.

  11. My son is going on almost two months of being sober from meth, but he is
    experiencing daily frontal-lobe, pain/pressure headaches that also
    affect his left eye sometimes… along with dizziness and
    lightheadedness. These symptoms have been going on daily for almost two
    months! CT scans and MRIs have all come back normal. We can't pinpoint
    what's causing these symptoms. Has anyone else experienced these
    symptoms after stopping meth? And if you have, what did you do to remedy
    them? I'm hoping that sooner than later, the headaches and dizziness
    will subside.

  12. Those things you say you see that are not real are actually very real. They are from and in the astral plane. They are as real as this third dimension. You are experiencing both this realm and the higher vibrational realms simultaneously and you are not in control of either!!!

  13. I find it wonderful how you conduct interviews with other people to show us different perspectives and stories of these awful drugs. Last year I had planned to try meth for the first time with a new friend group. But I'm so glad I stumbled across your meth addiction video because it persuaded me not to do it and probably saved my life as well. Thank you Cg Kid.

  14. My 24 year old niece who is basically my sister. (Were a year apart and her mom raised me) she became addicted to meth in the last few months. She shoots it up. I've watched everh ounce of her disappear right in front of my eyes. She is so far gone. Shes so manipulative. She doesnt even have a want to get clean. If u have any information or advice as to what I could do as her family to help her get clean, please tell me. I'm so scared we will have to bury her so soon.

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