Weed Does Not Make You More Creative!

In this video I talk about some of the pit-falls of collaborating in the music industry and how to avoid them! I also discuss the fact that creativity is not derived from …


  1. Have you ever took cannabis? Cannabis can cause many various effect, some positive and some negative, its true, we can get in « the zone » without weed, but weed can really make us more creative as if we are tapping into energies that we’re not in our consciousness without taking it. It’s as if we can see some details from reality that we weren’t aware without taking cannabis. If you never took it, you can’t know, you can only propose an hypothesis about the creativity of the plant. As for the health part, we can also eat it (not bad for the lungs) and for mental health, well, as for anything: moderation, being aware of the right quantity. And to finish, i am wondering why you are demanding to us, the viewer (that could be one of your coworker, as you said) to be cannabis free? Why does it bother you if its not you taking it? Unfortunatly, you’re not in your coworker’s shoes, everyone is unique, maybe you don’t like it, but some like it. Get over it.

    Thank you for reading.

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