1. maybe its not practical if you are focused on cannabis. but for my general gardening, Keyhole shaped raised beds work good. seemed like the most efficient use of space.

  2. Only reason that I made raised beds, I am getting too old to crawl on the ground all day. now I can sit on the edge of the raised bed… Also, the soil warms sooner, so I can work in that soil a bit sooner… I had to make them as big as I could. to just reach the middle from any side. then cover it in a lot of mulch and I never have to water my plants all summer

  3. You have now become my favourite YouTuber. By far. Thank you so very much for all the advice and effort you put into your videos. You really are the number 1 Growmie! Yeah buddy!

  4. I watch u and Jorge Cervantes started growing from Jorge got my first huge grow from his books back years ago I'm old but not that old Kali grow yo just love to grow POT TOUR BABIES R AMAZING BY THE WAY MICHIGAN GROW FOR LIFE

  5. Beds vs. giant bags definitely depends a lot on your rainfall. Where I am, heavy rain for days on end is usually more of a problem than not enough rain, so the better drainage of building a fence bed lined with landscaping cloth works well for me.
    If you don't get so much rain, you'll find yourself watering a lot more often in any breathable bed or bag, etc, and that costs money and time. But you can still get the advantages of air-pruning of the roots, and deal with dry conditions by burying reservoirs with wicks inside the bed itself. So it's a balancing act like most things.

  6. What's up bro I'm switching in my gh from smart pots to 4ft by 20ft raised beds do you have any tips for me iv always used smart pots in the past.. and what is that hay looking stuff on the top of your smart pots is it for water retention

  7. kaligrownbuds…👏👏👏…went trew all ur videos thanks for the advice and tips …what type of smart pot u recomend brand ..theres to many out there but some rot fast ..any ones u recomend and u think theres a diference in using a black one vs a brown one out here in the cali sun ..u see any diference in if black atracs more heat then the brown one and cause it to dry faster or there both the same..

  8. Bro I learned a ton from this op-ed video lol. I've grown in the ground, in raised pots and in smartpots. I had my best success right in the ground with my regular vegetables, but when it comes to cannabis, i never used a raised bed. Im limited on space and am sitting on concrete right now, so If i built a raised bed, I'd have to make a full box thats like 24" deep minimum. Im very intrigued by your success with raised beds.

  9. Back in the 80's we didnt know much and just planted directly into the soil, we tilled and added blood and bone meal and miracle grow and actually got some good results. The central Cal soil is a nice sandy loam w worms, used to be a shallow sea in ancient times then grass lands and now its prime ag. Now we can add the microbial mulch and do the organic sh-t. It's like steroids for Arnold,. Now it's time to put out some quality outdoor cannabis. Back yard growers unite and soon we can take over the world. Let's grow, Rando

  10. I love watching your videos ! I have learned so much from you I decided to do a raised garden 4×4 I'm going to use fabric pot material under to stop weeds from getting in and add worms to trap them in it i will staple the bottom as well as chicken wire to stop Gophers

  11. Hey Kali. I've been watching your episodes since October. You inspired me to start growing my own as " I'm the new kid on the block" Michigan. We've talked. Anyway I have a question. Now I know your an outdoor grower and totally organic no till Wich is frickin awesome and exactly what I'm gonna do this spring.in the meantime I planted 2 seeds that I have no idea what they are. I have them in a foil lined box under lights and a fan. My question is wtf is going on with my plants?? The second set of leaves only have one big leaf as to where the other plant has 3. This is my first grow so I'm totally new to this. They have a lemon smell to them and wide leaves.any idea what kind of strain I have and what may be wrong with my plant?

  12. That’s my set up at the moment with the beds. I dug the earth up down about a foot added amendments then placed the bed over the top and topped up so the roots have premium soil as they venture beneath the bed. A 24k would be a smart addition to your bed as they get pretty large and would thrive 👍

  13. Kali, smart pot will produce more or bigger plant than raised garden beds. Raised bed plants grow slower before September , then grow faster (Sept and October ).I do it last year.Raise bed ,plant is small relationship to smart pot plants

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