Too many of you aren’t getting to where you want to be .. Because you are hanging out with people who are bring you down .. Instead of hanging out with those …


  1. Im so glad he talked about this, i searched for it checking to see if gary talked anything about friendships and any relationships and this was the first one that popped up. I am so grateful and inspired.

  2. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    Let's give credit where it's due. The New Age "Secret" movement and the Gospel of Prosperity all had their roots in the the Law of Thelema, 1904. I was that loser friend. 40 year old pothead who still lives at home. 25 years of smoking weed and not knowing what I want to do with my life. Now I find myself trying to motivate others. I started out hating self help gurus and that motivated my recent social psychology group experiment, entitled "The Illusion of Control". Our sources are Rotter's Locus of Control Scale, Maslow's Heirarchy, and Social Attribution theory. The original hypothesis: There is a correlation between socioeconomic status and Locus of Control; however there is no correlation between Internal Locus and happiness. I related the Illuminati to an internal locus of control, but realize I'm now mistaken.

    Due to recent events over the past week, I have changed my outlook. My friend initiated me into the inner order of the A:.A:., now that I have discovered my will, but said I gotta knock out all the negativity. My other friend reminded me of Hardcore Punk as opposed to Anarcho Punk which has spoken to my condition in the past, confirmation bias. Anarcho punks sit around and complain about the system and ANTIFA is composed mostly of anarchists. This buddy is a right libertarian and I'm a left libertarian, but now it don't matter. He told me about the Proud Boys who are the right wing equivalent of ANTIFA. Said Antifa is against free speech. I used to say Hate Speech is not Free Speech, like "fire" in a theater, but someone in my class checked me on that. Said we gotta listen to both sides to find a solution. So no more Antifa for me, especially after the recent shootings, peeps be trippin out there, on both sides.

    You see lower socioeconomic status and depression which is external, specific, and stable can effect both sides of the spectrum. Don't matter if you're a righty or a lefty. And self actualized or "illuminated" individuals, above the abyss of duality, see negative situations as internal, specific, and unstable. So depression effects both sides, and both sides can climb out of depression and become illuminated. My last influence was Jim Carrey's story of enlightenment, how he used to be depressed, but now is in the Illuminati. Check out his vids, wow!!!

    Love is the Law, Love under Will!

    Frater Adam Rise 1:10
    Frater Sumus Verbum 5:6

  3. If you tell everyone that you don’t care what others say and that you’re only in your own head then why are we the average of our friends? Seems like a slight contradiction?

  4. When your 18, not interested in partying. Or doing the typical 18 year old things. How do you find people and surround yourself with people of the same entrepreneurial mindset? Or hell even someone who is very successful and would mentor someone?

  5. If I am trying to save money and dedicate my time into a new venture. You bet. The friend I have needs to understand my ambition. If not cause a problem. You're going to be one less friend away from being cut. That's just reality. No respect for me. I don't respect you. Period.

  6. I figured out what you talking about here few months ago. Not only my friends byt my family was negatively influencing my life and where i was going. Once i realized that i knew that i had to dump them and find myself some new friends. I did that with friends, with my family i had a huge long conversation that actually helped. Now im watching this video and it only asures me that i made a right choice. Your life rly becomes better and you become better, smarter, more aware when u are surranded by smart, ambitious people that want to get somwhere in life. Its difficult but completely worth it. Much love

  7. That's why I left talking and meeting with all my friends who don't have any goal or Dream in their life to achieve now I talk with only the people who have same dream and goal as mine that is to be the world champion in ufc,and I will be💪
    That helped me to be more focused and busy rather than just talking and chatting bullshit.

  8. Don't hang with the thugs and goons hang with the decent people who are trying to get somewhere in life that's what I did my senior year I don't hang out with them Niggas who just smoke drink and play games wearing saging pants not trying to educate themselves I had a toxic friend name Kat hanlon she was an ass and I gave her up me and my mom but heads a few times and I had to move out just to be happy.

  9. I've applied this in a hard circle. I noticed that certain members of my family who I spent a lot of time with were pulling me down with their negative talk and their cynicism. I love them with everything that I am but I had to limit my access to them because of the weight it put on me. It literally pulled my focus from all things are possible to places I wasn't wanting for my life. I cut one family member and it has made ALL the difference.

  10. But Gary, how do you know who is the loser friend and who is the winner friend? In today's unpredictavle world, its too hard to tell who's going to make a fotune 2 years from now, and who's going to be stuck in his current life 10 years from now. So how to apply your advice to this?

  11. I just dropped my loser wife of 19 years, her loser pothead boyfriend (my former friend), my best friend in town who is also a pothead, and made a new friend at church.  I did all of this today.  Being sober 80 days and my faith gave me the courage.  It is very scary but feels so empowering.  Stumbled across this video after doing all of this and feel pretty damn validated.  Not looking back!

  12. I just realised the reason i always lose my motivation is because all of my friends are losers. no joke what gary just said. sit at home and smoke weed all day. is littary them. fuck i need new friends

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