1. I smoked a ton of weed for the past year or two. After 420 I realized my tolerance is wayy too high. So I decided to take a 2-3 month break. I miss being able to only take 2-3 hits to get faded lol. I wanna get back to that

  2. I've been a smoking for 3 years straight with no break but last year I took a break on the 7th of April 2018 and I'm still going but crazy think is I threw away all my kief aswell as my grinder and quit cold Turkey and just ordered some White Widow x Northern Light seeds gonna grow and start September I hope I'm gonna get stoned like the first times I have a friend who took a 9 month break and he tried weed again and he got super paranoid and at his own house lol and he hasn't really smoked after that so I'm super excited
    Edit: Just finished watching great video dude and yeah I told myself that I'm gonna prove it to myself and everyone else that weed isn't addictive and I'm proud that I've gone a year without it and gonna be going a couple months more but I will come clean I'm gonna smoke a like 3 grams in one night, then I'll smoke 1-2 grams a day

  3. I like the idea of this informative video, however has it been proven that as little as a few days/ a week or even a month break actually reduces tolerance towards cannabis? Promising reducing tolerance levels may be harmful to some people who struggle with weed dependency etc. I understand you have had tolerance breaks of said length yourself and believe they have helped but as we all know everyone is different and I’m wondering whether any benefits from a short term break are merely down to placebo? Since you have made the claims in the video can you clarify on where else you learned about tolerance?

  4. i smoke 3grams through a bong and i feel nothing i've tried going on tolerance break but i jus cant doo it because u use it to eat and sleep and all that stuff so any help or suggestions and ive been smoking it everyday for atleast 6years………………………someone please help me im sick and tierd off feeling like shit,i'm sick/vomiting every single morning

    help me,help me — STONER DOWN – NEED URGENT 420+ HELP

  5. At first I thought it was going to be some guy talking out of his ass playing GTA but man this vid is great. Amazing advice with a calm and great delivery. Thanks for the amazing video man

  6. Yeah, I took my latest tolerance break a couple months ago. Naturally, before going home from work I made the decision to celebrate a week of no weed with a fat dab at a friend's. It was great at first until right when I went home. My bf pulled the car over and I puked in the street. :/

  7. This Video was hard to watch. You're kinda talking in circles and you should try not repeating the same words over and over again! Also you need to make more pauses when you talk. I like your message tho, just the delivery was rough. But thats just my opinion! 😀

  8. I took a whole month off while I traveled in Europe with my girlfriend. The last night of the trip we were sitting at the bar in the hotel and we struck up a convo with this man who we found out was from Cali and actually invited us to smoke with him, long story short he kept insisting I’d hit it and it was some Cali gas and I would’ve been more then fine if I just took one hit but I took like 8 hits and got completely blasted like too much and the next morning I was like fuck I totally just wasted my whole month t break 😭

  9. im going to try a week and drink a fuck ton of water and exercise alot… ill come back with results edit: i no lie pissed in my pants a little when you said "i mentally challenged myself"

  10. I realized I needed to take a tolerance break when 2 bowls would barely get me buzzed. Just bought a 4 grams and some 420 mg edibles day before break. Now it's all just chilling there for a month.

  11. Wat u said was facts I thought ab what u said with not being able to sleep, not wanting to eat and mood swings and I’m doing a t break rn and I’m experiencing all that shit but great vid

  12. I’ve been smoking on and off since 2012 but in 2016 I started smoking heavy again, since then it’s been pretty much every day. Now I can face like 4 blunts and barley be high. Starting tolerance break today , how long should it be?

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