1. This video change my whole mentality I was browsing ways to finesse the drug test of probation , and this video show me the best way it's just stop smoking and have mental peace that your ass ain't gonna sit again in the chaing gang

  2. Man I hate being on probation!!!!! It is the worst thing ever!!!!!! After pleading and now being on probation this is hell!!!! I hate that I can't smoke freely 🙁 I hate having a be curfew I hate paying them money ughhh this shit sucks but hey I learned a very valuable lesson if you can't do the time don't do the crime!!!!!!! And yeah don't roll the dice trust me it sucks to detox its very stressful yes it might not work I've been lucky to detox and its worked but its just a bunch bs and BTW if your violated you ain't going to jail your going to PRISON!!!!!!!

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