1. It’s sucks having asthma. I smoke regularly but I should probably stop because I’ve been wheezing a lot and my lungs are really messed up. It’s hard to stop though :/ I have been smoking for years now and never had asthma until now.

  2. Honestly, as a person who got a medical marijuana card FOR asthma, I can attest to the fact that certain strains of weed can open up my airways, but my asthma is exercise-induced asthma, where after exercise or strenuous activity takes me a hot minute to catch my breath, and my chest burns. I will smoke weed, because I don't have breathing problems while smoking it, but I'm also not hitting bongs and doing dabs or butter knife hits, or anything heavy like that. Joints do me justice, and small pipes, the key is small hits, and don't hold it in. Asthma sucks, but so does the nasty tasting albuterol inhalers. Weed over inhalers for me. It does work.

  3. Hey guys I have asthma and I smoke every once in a while. I have 2 tips for beginners that want to smoke with asthma.
    1. Don’t freak out! When you smoke you get a tingly sensation in your chest which can make you think you are having a asthma attack. Before you smoke tell your self everything is going to be cool 😎

    2. Use your inhaler before smoking. Sometimes when you smoke off a bowl , joint or ect you cough which can trigger a asthma attack or spasm. Use your inhaler before you smoke to reduce that trigger.
    That’s it like if it helped!

  4. Let me tell you something. I live in New York, blew through a ounce every two days. Didn't feel normal a day without it. ended up getting bad asthma and it's slowly going away now. But, I'm never going back to it. The chest pain was unbearable and sometimes still is to the point where I get a tiny bit scared. I ended up getting my med card for other reasons and the best cannabis treatment for asthma is the capsules or tinctures, high CBD in the morning and high THC at night. My lungs are still healing. After they are healed I won't smoke again thou because I got a taste of what it was like to not breathe and let's just say I like to breathe.

  5. I have asthma so i only consumed edibles for a while but i heard smoking increases like imagination and thinking or some shit so i tried it and i was completely fine just make sure to keep it on you bc no one really knows if you could have an attack or not, so just be safe.

  6. Don't take advice from this kid I smoke about 5 blunts everyday and now my lungs are so fuck up I can't breath fully If you smoke while have asthma you can get bronchitis. Plz take this video down

  7. So like I have this type called “seasonal asthma” so by definition, the weather affects me sometimes and it would cause me to cough a lot and shit, but years ago my doctor said I don’t have asthma anymore, but whenever I’ve been smoking weed with my friends , these last two times , I don’t know if because the blunt was too packed, but when I took a regular hit my throat closed up and I really couldn’t breath that well , this blunt had 3gs packed in it , idk if it’s cause I’m still kinda a rookie or if it triggered my asthma, because I could hit regular blunts normally, joints and bongs , what is the problem?

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