Stewed Oxtails (Instant Pot Friendly) #TastyTuesdays |

Get my cookbook @ Learn how to make amazing stewed oxtails in one hour in your instant pot, pressure cooker xl or …


  1. That looks delicious. I’m gonna watch for sales on oxtail and try this. Question about rice and peas. Why is it that at restaurants in Jamaica, the peas are not whole, but are mashed up and mixed in with the rice?

  2. Thank you for posting this video using the Instant Pot. I am about to buy one but I had no idea on how to use it until after watching this video. This recipe will be my first to try.

  3. My favorite new kitchen appliance.>>> Between this and my air fryer you practically can cook everything. I love that you can sear meat and then pressure cook it rather that dirty another pan searing and adding to a crock pot. I have already given out many as gifts. It’s the perfect wedding, new baby, and off to college gift!

  4. Mine is marinating right now. I added a bit of ketchup and a little BBQ sauce, looking forward to the ole shaka shaka, then into the IP. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you for this.

  5. First, I hope the family is well. Second, I would love to try this but oxtails around here are made of gold now! Datgum things are expensive. The first time I catch them on sale though I will be making this dish. Thanks for the recipes and your bids.

  6. You do a Fantastic job of explaining steps and your food is Amazing. I'm married to a non cooking Jamaican so we rely on his parents for food recipes. I shared yours with them and they agreed with me your spot on. 😀

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