Sessions War on Pot: Constitution Says You Own Your Body

Do You Wanna Be A Hero? Join the JUSTICE LEAGUE of, by and for #WeThePeople, #PatriotCamp! Reporting a CONSTITUTIONAL EMERGENCY? (Jailed …


  1. Whenever I engage in polemics with control freaks who insist they may authorize their government(s) into prohibition legislation, I take the approach veering away from trying to convince them of my Right to do something… I always begin my positioning with a demand they explain to me where he/they attained the AUTHORITY to tell me I can't…. "Who friggin' died and left you god or crown? By what authority, moral or legal, do you and your friends promote and enforce any prohibition? Whence does this kind of arrogance you have, originate?" We have got to become more IN YOUR FACE, challenging to these bastards. Time to become seriously DEPLORABLE. If we're gonna get the name, might as well play the game. We the Deplorables. Trump was only our first step.

  2. If libertarians are going to drag themselves into using the Constitution to protect Individual Liberty, the Bill of Rights has to be reversed, whereas the 9th and 10th become #s 1 and 2. …as a warning before anything else is enumerated. Then, when promoting a particular legal position in public or in front of a jury, DON'T MOVE PAST THESE TWO AMENDMENTS until they are fully digested, and the application to your promotion is grasped. A case in point is Mr. Edwards' take on one's Right to Ingest. If you try the Article I, Sec 8 approach, sooner or later a statist will find a loophole and cage you. May I suggest watching some vids by "High Impact Flicks". He does the "moral" defense, rather than the legal. Very effective.

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