1. You are an inspiration, with your energy and motivation i dont see how anybody could dislike this channel with all the knowledge you drop every video. I love it growmie. You will be my go to for references when i start my own no till in the future.

  2. Kali, jus wanna be clear:
    I soak them for 12 to 24 hours dependant upon the bean, then drain the water. After I drain the water, I let them sit in the jar with the lid on it for the weekend and theyll sprout their tails? Then I can blend them, get them into a paint strainer baggie or something, and brew it?

  3. Kali, question, is your ratio for seeds after they have been sprouted or before in raw form? I ask because the vids show alot of expansion especially with the alfalfa

  4. How much per gallon of water gonna be using 34 gallons in total I usually do 1 gallon to a plant once at a decent size probably get a 50 gallon barrel could use some help thanks

  5. Sorry if people people have asked already. So after you blend the sprouts you put it straight into the reservoir and water the plants a thought having the ph the water at all??

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