Royal Queen Seeds – Green Gelato timelapse

Disclaimer: This is an educational video about how i grow my plants. This isn’t a video to promote the use of cannabis in any way. A small timelapse from Green …


  1. Whoa. I'm not sure which is prettier, your lovely herb garden, or your face hehe ;). A cutie that grows cannabis. I'd swipe right lol. Keep up the good work.

  2. White kinda mite resistance that have. Saw a few bites on bottom water leaves then nothing nowhere. Not dissing. Awesome grow. I live on a farm and its easy to drag those little shits into my private garden. Any response would be great. Thanks.

  3. Imagine what you could've done if you knew how to grow.
    Seriously, so much info out here. Use it.
    Sorry the bud itself looked ok, but the plants ,piss poor. Could do better.

  4. My beautifull, try to top them and cut the lower branches next time…. but your try is respectfull!!!
    Come to Greece and i will teach u some basic thinks …
    Positive vibes !!!

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