Organic Super Soil Recipe for Indoors

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  1. for the dear love of whatever you cherish the most, please talk S L O W E R. I'm sure you're speeding the audio part. I'm autistic and it's difficult to stand. That's a pity because you have good content and production.

  2. I've used 1 part worm castings, 2 part perlite, 4 part coir, gaia green power bloom at 40g per gallon, and a tbsp of dolomite lime in a 5 gal pot. Works great. Lately I've been playing with high brix. Check out docbudhighbrix.

  3. or just buy some coco coir and some bottled nutes and cut out all of this mixing crap. great for outside…but indoors under lights…just go peat mixes or coco and some simple a and b bottled fertilizers.

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