1. I'm going to try getting my hat signed when he comes down to Medicine Hat! 👌🇨🇦

    Edit: He gave me props 👊 and signed my hat! My life is fulfilled! (I have it recorded on my channel)

  2. Tell them about the time " Shane Bunsen " about the chick ya beat up and were forced to leave Vancouver. Whent to San Fran. Or maybe tell them about the fact you grew up with rich parents , good upbringing as a north van kid but wanted to play gangster so the HA had ya running dope for them up to Kelowna like a little gopher bitch. Lol Talk Canadian you are Canadian. Get a grip your a tiny little bitch who thinks hes a tough guy. Later woman.

  3. madchild my favorite MC and I like how he didn't get political that was really cool to see. #1 way to lose fans is to go political. looking forward to swollen killin it again with album.

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