Juicy J On Three 6 Mafia Reunion, Tells The Story Behind 'Slob On My Knob' & Remembers Stan Lee

Juicy J speaks on possible Three 6 Mafia reunion, how his hit single “Slob on my Knob” was created, remembers both Stan Lee and Mac Miller, and also speaks …


  1. No bullshit, I could legitimately see a Stageplay about Memphis. Theatre is obsessed with plays about midwestern towns and Memphis could really be something unique.

  2. Been listening to his music for years,but this is the very first interview I have seen. And wow, what a difference. From the music, I thought he would be completely drugged out dude, but he's super clear, much sharper than the average and it almost scares me how likable he is. I have much respect for those guys like him or 2chainz who are in their forties, around for three decades, but still keep their sound and skills up-to-date. Now that respect doubled!t

  3. Hot97 do yall know the fact that yall used an remake Instrumental from a guy named Carter da harder at the end of the video!¿?¿? It aint the original instrumental from the Project Pat song North Memphis just saying how could yall not notice this??
    #CarterDaHarder is an youtuber who remakes ol 36 mafia HotBoys beats go check him out

  4. Juicy….I will run any storefront for you…on the low niga just let me smoke for free and make enough to live n eat …GUCCI!!! HOLLA AT ME NIGA>>>>PUT ME IN COACH!

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