JADE by M.E.D.co (JUUL compatible)- Skywalker OG (Hybrid) THC Pod review

Hey Everyone It’s Jimmy Jam The DaB Man here Today with another Dank Video Review. Todays Review is on a (Hybrid) Skywalker OG by JADE by M.E.D.co …


  1. How much did you pay for your? I got the .9ml Apple head sativa and the do si dos hybrid.9ml they both amazing and my favorite carts I've had yet I don't live in legal state and got super lucky stumbling on the two medco juul pods for 40 I know for fact that legit just don't know what that cost at store

  2. Stop reviewing fake carts no way there real you probably don’t even know where the carts are coming from. You can put your shitty earpiece on doesn’t change the fact your vaping hotdog water.

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