1. I have the Files Go app, but this feature is still not available? When are they finally going to roll this out?

    Also, why are people saying this is an April Fools joke? It was uploaded almost two months after on March 31, not MAY 31 OR APRIL 1st, as usual…

  2. A: Come look at this!
    B: Hang on just a minute.
    A: What do I hang on to?
    B: No. I mean, give me some time.
    A: Okay. runs and comes back Here you go.
    B: No! I wasn't asking for that kind of thyme! I mean, give me a second!
    A: Okay. Would you like a medal or a trophy?
    B: Neither. I don't mean that kind of second.
    A: Then what do you want?
    B: To let me finish this thing.
    A: Can I help you?
    B: Sure.
    A: goes to Google Images
    B: What are you doing?
    A: Looking up the flag of Finland.
    B: No no no! I didn't mean "Finish" as in Finland! I mean "finish" as in get this done!
    A: So you want to make it say "dun dun dun"?
    B: No! Just leave me alone, okay?!
    A: Sure, how much money would you like me to borrow from you?
    B: No, I'm not asking you to leave me a loan, I mean uh-lone!
    A: You want me to buy you cologne?
    B: Absolutely not, what I mean is, get out of here and wait!
    A: Okay. walks out for a moment then comes back
    B: I'm almost complete on my thing.
    A: Guess what? I weigh [number] pounds, even though I'm not for sale!
    B: Well, I didn't mean "weigh yourself" but okay. But the scale isn't talking about pound sterling though.

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