How to Unblock Your Ears | UNCLOG a CLOGGED Ear | How to Drain Your Fluid Filled Ear

5 Tips to Instantly help you clear you blocked and clogged eustachian tube to get rid of a clogged ear. Unblock your ear naturally with these DIY tips to help your …


  1. I’ve been experiencing clogged ear sensation for over 3yrs. I’d love to remedy this. Tried most of what she describes with only temporary results. But I’m soo ready to try more aggressive approach’s. Without minor surgeries.

  2. I have a mastoidectomy and my ear does not drain in its own. I have it cleaned every 4 months. I’ve been sick and my bad ear has been plugged for weeks now. Going crazy. Is the oil/tea tree safe for me to try considering my drainage issue?

  3. I feel like ripping my ears off! Been feeling clogged forever. I went to the doctors and the gave me some kind of pills and it helped but then i ran out. My ears have been bothering me forever.

  4. Any suggestions on vertigo? It seems when my allergies flare up I get vertigo. My right ear always feel as I have air in it. I had all types of tests but Dr's tell me my ears are ok. Seems to get worst when I get a sinus infection. I do head exercises. And seems to help a little. Thank you.

  5. Had bad congestion from a cold and I tried the Olive Oil and Tea Tree with the dropper and it slowly has worked to unclogging my ears. Thank you for the recommendation.

  6. My eardrum ruptured about 6 days ago. The fluid build up in my inner ear is painful. As my ear drum is ruptured, can I still place the tea tree oil and olive oil mixture directly in my ear? I am not sure, but at the the beginning of my ear pain (following a horrible sore throat), I placed a drop or two of oil of oregano directly into my ear with no carrier. In the middle of the night, the pressure was great and my ear drum ruptured. I am not sure if it was the oil or just the pressure of fluid. It felt like my eardrum was being forced outward right before it burst.

  7. I woke up with ear pain so I went to the doctor and they said their was fluid behind my right eardrum. They prescribed antibiotics, amoxicillin to be exact. I didn't want to take them so that's how I got here. So far I've done everything except the fifth item. The oregano burned tf out of my ear! Idk if you are supposed to dilute it with something but I dont remember her saying to do that. I haven't had any immediate relief yet but I unless things get worse I will keep at it. I will update to say if it worked or if I had to end up taking the antibiotics. I really hope it works!

  8. Downloading now!!! Thank you thank you!! Is eucalyptus oil a alternative to tea tree oil? Again thank you for your professional advice. I have no health insurance and my ears have jem clogged for 2 months.

  9. Just tried the tea tree oil and olive oil and my husband said it didn't work for his clogged ear. He has been dealing with this clogged ear for 3 weeks now. Tried debrox that didn't work and now this. What are we doing wrong? I need my husband to hear me again.

  10. Help. I have had excessive ear wax problems as long ss l ca. Remenber. Ican clean out my ears snd a short time later there full of wax again. It's a constant battle to keep my ears from clogging up.

  11. Sinus itis, chronic fungal ear infection retention of ear fluid and over production of ear wax. I'm deaf in the left ear and partially in the right. I'm going to try this and get back to you on results. Thank you so much!

  12. How long do we wait until we tilt our head back up from the tea tree/olive oil drops? If I put 4 drops in 1 ear, how long do I wait until I go for the next one? Thanks in advanced this was a great video! I’ve been looking for a good home remedy and literally found nothing good that worked. Even bought products from other people that did nothing. Can’t believe I never heard of this remedy I’ve been blocked and lack hearing sensitivity for at least 2 years.

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