How to take Enema? | ऐनिमा कैसे ले? | By Madhav Kirti Das | Dr. of Naturopathy

Enema #Secrets_of_Health #Madhav_Kirti_Das माधव कीर्ति दास जी का Almost नी:शुल्क स्वस्थ्य सेमिनार (Life Without…


  1. Hi Sir. Thank you sharing this valuable information with us. I have ordered enema kit from Amazon. I need your guidance for: 1) I am suffering from extremely oily skin and severe acne issues. 2)my immunity power is very low. I fall sick every now and then cold fever and blocked nose. Will enema help me to cure from all this issues? Is it safe to take enema continuesly for 1 week at the initial stage to get rid of all the toxins and then alternate days to only once in a week? What could be the water quantity for adults?

  2. Respected Sir, मुझे बवासीर (मस्से वाली, खून नही आता है) है। कब्जियत, गैस, एसिडिटी, हफ्ते में 5-6 दिन रहता है, क्या एनिमा लेना ठीक रहेगा, तथा इसकी frequency क्या होगी…

  3. Guruji Pranam, Apka video pasand aya Im a Gynec with 36 yrs Expeience in Holistic Health Sciences …Mein dispute nahi ek clarification chahta hun . Mera Quest: Intestinal Flora Ka Kya Hoga ? Vaid Roz Divel Cha/ Dudh mein Pilate hain as a DETOX .. Mere is Quest ka unke pas koi Satisfactory Answer nahin Hai Ummed hain Aap jawab denge

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