How To Prep Your Plants For Flower – Indoor Auto Grow

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  1. I just finished watching season 3, the budget playlist, and then whats avaliable of season 4. Thought your channel was really put together nicely. And legit just became subscriber number #100,000. Would have been a perfect flush if this happened yesterday! Congratulations mate!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for all of the great tutorials and I was like you "nervous about growing hydroponics"since there were so many variables but you have inspired me to try. Medical marijuana just became legal in Oklahoma so bud that is good can be kinda pricey. This offers me a cheap way to grow medical grade for a fraction of the cost.

  3. Happy 4/20 Bro.
    Grats on your channel getting to 100k… getting real close.
    I've got a lot to do to catch up with yah… HAHAHA…

    I had the same issue with my grows.
    I'm using coco coir with fabric pots. They were showing me root rot/ over water but at the same time were hungry.
    I never bothered too much with my run off before as it would be gone the next day.
    What I've recently picked up were some kitchen steel coiled coasters.
    Now my pots are raised an inch off my drip tray which allows air too run underneath and now my run off is not sitting in the medium. Blasted them with some root booster for a week or two and they seem to really like it. Also since I have done that the girls seem to let me feed em every 3 days with no problems.
    Happy Harvest!

  4. Can't thank you enough for your videos, FSTS. I remember watching your Northern lights auto run awhile back and although that Series was super entertaining, your videos have just gotten better and better. Only a few other channels compare to yours in terms of quality and education, and none compare to your step-by-step budget setup, germination guide, and week by week autoflower feeding schedule guide. Cheers to you brotha and a Happy 4/20 !!!! peace love life

  5. I’ve watched all your videos over the past couple months. I have two Ripleys og strains going right now. Little over halfway through their life cycle. Looking mighty good thanks to all your super detailed but basic growing teachings.

  6. I have a 600w vioarspectra growlight with Red light, white light, and blue light and can also combine the lights. Which light/lights should I have on for seedling stage, veg, and flower stage? Thanks

  7. Ive heard of ppl dropping there temps in late flower but no1 ever says what they drop it to🤔 so whet is the ideal temp to drop to or what temp to you drop to 👍😎✌

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