Hip Hop’s Best Weed Songs | 420 Smoker’s Mix 2019 | From 90s Rap Classics to 2010s Stoner Hits

Happy 4/20 to all the stoners around the world! DJ Noize get you high with Hip Hop’s Best Weed Songs. The ‘420 Smoker’s Mix’ includes 90s old school rap …


  1. Happy 420! Get your smoke on to Snoop Dogg, Method Man & Redman, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, Outkast, Kid Cudi, Styles P, Ludacris, Devin The Dude, Scarface and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

  2. Weed songs? Nothing about the Kings of 420, Harry J. Anslinger, or Tricky Dick 'not a crook' Nixon? Harry J, and Tricky D, did more to influence the direction and futures of more young blacks, and black music than ever gotten due credit for. Anslinger's love and support for jazz, and black musicians of his time are legendary. Nixon's stand and contributions for civil rights and social improvement brought about changes still in effect. Including special long term court awarded housing arrangements for minorities. No songs for them?

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