Full Penetration Aluminum Welding and the New Ford F-150 | TIG Time

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  1. Great video but be aware that TIG welding on autos can potentially destroy electronics due to the high frequency of the TIG machine. MIG is generally recommended for cars and trucks.

  2. can you do a series about aluminum corrosion issues and what ford owners might expect as their trucks age? I recent bought a 2107 f150 and I cant find any data on this as it might relate to a truck, only some minor data reports from labratory data in raw metal

  3. Yeah, I definitely couldn't have done that with wire. Though I am new to this. What do you mean when you say "there's no gas backup?" Thanks for the info.

  4. Mr. TIG makes it look easy, but how difficult is this sort of welding for an average shop?

    I have a Tesla Model S with a ~5" tear in the quarter panel from hitting a curb and a shop that fixes lots of Teslas claims the crack is too long to repair. They want to replace the whole quarter panel though later admitted Tesla sells a smaller piece that can be fitted by cutting at a narrow point and butt-welding the new piece. Even that repair would be $3500 because "welding 1mm aluminum is not our favorite". My calipers show the aluminum in question is 1.23mm but that's with paint so maybe the base material is close to 1mm. The material in this video is 1.27mm.

    Are they just complaining to justify the high price tag or is it really that difficult?

  5. 50-60 amps, I would really like to see a video proving this, I weld the same at least 50a more and need to get faster. Please provide a bit of video on your settings and such about your videos, otherwise they are WORTHLESS.

  6. Dear Mr TIG.

    You mentioned that the machine you were using for the aluminium was only 125 watts.

    My first question sir, is; are these 110 volt machines or 240 volts machines?
    The reason for that question is, I'm in Britain where we use a 240 volts system. I know that I can buy a step-down transformer to take 240 to 110 volts, but that could mean extra expense.

    My second question is about the cost of the machine, how much would it cost to buy, add 20% vat tax and then shipping costs?

    Respectfully yours Rob Andrew.

  7. In aerospace welding, most if not all specs call out for 100% penetration. This is the technique I was taught and use every day. You might not get a perfect looking bead on top, but inspectors want strength and corrosion resistance!

  8. I remembered this one company i did some work for that gave me a box of aluminium to weld up it had no joke a 14 gap on 116 material. i told them "that is not going to be pretty I need it nice and tight at max no more gap than material thickness" they look at like i was making a mountain out of a mole hill and said " just fill it up" the person that was trying to weld for that company before i came there didn't even prep the tungsten. in the end, I welded it and it actually turned out not that bad but i got mad tig hands and had to really manipulate the puddle with the filler rod.

  9. Like your thoughts. I would guess the major problem (for me) would be getting the excellent fit up in the first place. I could just see myself (even if I got a good fit up) trying to figure out how to hold the new piece in place: I know I would be crawling under the truck picking it up more that once!
    Also; you mentioned "see notes" for more information, where are they to be found?

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