1. I couldn’t do it. I have this bad anxiety which I fucking hate. It’ll hinder me , I know it. Being away from my family especially my daughter would also suck. But I DID consider it , and even went as far as going to MEPS for testing which I scored a 60 in. Was gonna go through it with the army. But I couldn’t do it. And it fucking sucks because I’ve always fancied the idea of me joining the military. And just seeing how it would help me provide for my daughter. Make her proud of me. But as my anxiety is , I’m not mentally tough for it and I hate myself for that

  2. I tried to study in a group but they kept fucking around so I ended up just studying by myself and it showed since I aced every written test. Agreed you should try to study as a group but sometimes if their shitbags you might have to study on your own.

  3. The Variables of a war zone,is we as Americans Always think about war that they just happen in foreigners Nations,buy what about we ate invade by Russia and China,we as Citizens must be able to defend locally ours Nation,buy how without a Military training,defending ours Nation takes courage and braveness,please don't advise young the Coward way to be a Traitor involuntary(mean not to join cause they may lost their lives that even eating your favorite food can shock you can you see

  4. I came here hoping it would say something about this but I didnt notice it. I have a disease called Hemophilia which prevents me from healing. Throughout my entire life I wanted to be in the military(preferably a seal) and everyone has told me I cant do it. I am very physically fit and intend to serve. Is there is a way I could join as a soldier even with this hurdle?

  5. "Join the National Guard.  Become a citizen soldier.  Serve your country and your community" . . .  BULLSHIT!
    Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy are active duty; the National Guard is not.  For your enlistment to be recognized as "military service", you must serve 180 consecutive days on active duty, *not including training*.  The National Guard is TRAINING; it is NOT military service unless you are activated, and then you are Army, not National Guard.
    Don't waste years of your life as the butt of a joke; fuck the National Guard, join the Army!

  6. I was FMF back in 2010-14..I'm sure someone did cry but I have a horrible memory. But one did try and kill himself…. if your at that point. Tell your instructors. Your not in until u graduate so u can leave before then if its too much without repeimand.. Attempt suicide. Your gonna be stuck in a psych ward for god knows how long…expect to be told multiple things at once expect to be confused..expect to get something wrong..just do what your told and you'll b good..

  7. In Greece it's mandatory to serve in the army for a bit. After senior high school I want to join the army. I am willing to sacrifice myself, that's the point of being a hero! I always get annoyed when I can't help in a situation and have to stand back. Actually serving makes me feel useful. I think it's my thing to join the army. (Infantry)

  8. I don’t have a choice I will join the military whether I like it or not in Israel every non-religious man and woman Jewish citizen has to join the military if they don’t join and they don’t have a good reason for that they will most likely go to jail or forced to join

  9. guys who act tough usually have low self-esteem or have superiority issues, if you're tough and you know it, don't act tough, you have proven that to yourself, you don't have to prove to others acting like a douche.

  10. Lol those years and years of media and Hollywood propaganda has worked on you

    *"Leader of free world nonsense"*

    *Land of the brave*

    *Only country in the world that have freedom*

    *America greatest nation on earth*

    Truth be told america was founded on genocide and lies

    *america is the great white lie*

  11. I am 13 (turning 14 in may) and I'm planning on enlisting for the military before or after college (not sure yet) and my dream is to be a medic. Do you have any advice on how to have a better chance to be chosen as a medic?

  12. I live in Texas and my family and boyfriend all live in different states and I see them once or twice a year 😂 and yeah I would cry at boot camp. but honestly I think it would better me. I've been thinking about it alot recently and doing research.

  13. Well, I have been thinking about joining U. S Military, but the reason I might not is that Im from Europe, I know I need green card, I dont even know what should I do if I go to U. S alone…

  14. I’m joining the army reserves and I’ve gotten years of training when it comes to yelling because of my mum lol. Other then that I’m pretty organized and fit (though I still want to train more). The only thing that’s holding me back at this point is that I need a tattoo to cover up some scars I have

  15. Hi Donny! Love your videos especially for a future military wife like me. Im wondering if you can make a video on PCS and possible duty stations for greenside corpman and hospital corpman? thank you!

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