DIY Lawn Fertilizer – Replacing TruGreen for my yard.

I’ve used Tru-Green lawn service for several years because my DIY attempts were not working well enough. TruGreen has done a very good job with my yard.


  1. Tim check out mutton power website. They have a 3 point hitch sprayer (quick hitch capable) w/ wand and folding arms. It's awesome! I have one for my 1025r. I think you'll really enjoy it now that you have a much bigger yard.

  2. enjoyed this video, very informative. I am going to try and care for my own lawn and let trugreen go. but how would i dispense the liquid fertilizer, for I don't own a tractor and my yard is not as big as yours, that is question 1 and question 2 what should i use for as a pre-emergent

  3. I was a chemical applcator for a friend for a number of yrs he worked for true green an started his own business an he knew the right amount of mixture to each thing he has muscular schrosis an at that time i was his right hand man when it gets hot out he has to throw his hips to get his legs to move so he watches what he does but i walked many a yard with a herbie that sprays micro spray when your walking it you don't see it very well but as long as your 3 feet from plantsz an shrubs your good an bout 6 inches from the ground drift isnt a problem. The nitrogen he had im sure was in gallon jugs an he had it in bags an i went from shrub to shrub with a tool called a deep root fertilizer it consists of a jug an a spike with a foot peg to drive it in an a couple handles one does a quarter turn to open enough to let the fert out then close it back then move onto the next shrub we did many sub stations for electricity an gas did a place where delco remy used to be an borg warner an exide battery just to name a few , those were some good days now that i look back on it at the time i was ready for the day to end just cause there was a lot of walking that had to be done .

  4. how many times per year to apply barricade and in what month? how often you apply fertilizer? My ex Trugreen guy treat my lawn every six weeks, do I need to do the same? I will be combining both Prodiamine as pre emergent and Triad Select for post. Can I just use 10 10 10 for fertilizer?

  5. Tim take this for what it's worth, we use Scotts on our lawn and that works great.. Not a liquid of course but I find it works well if you follow the directions, it's pricy but much cheaper than those lawn care company's charge

  6. even when you're working with chemicals that do not interact with glass, you still pour in your water first. water first = water splash when you pour in your chemicals. if you pour chemicals in first, your chemicals will splash when you pour in your water. safety first

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