1. Charlie you mean the best sucker punching pussy of all time. You hit the guy bare knuckle and still didn’t knock him out or down. The guy wasn’t even phased. Lol. No power in your punches and no technique. Any real decent boxer would light you up like a Christmas tree

  2. Hey Charlie! Sneed is nuts! I was hyping the fight for him, and he threatened to kill ME! So he's going to kill you, me, Tempo, Tommy Sotomayor, 50 cent and even more people! This guy literally threatens to kill everyone.

    I'm taking the Sneed hype videos down. Circumstances have forced us onto the same side. I'm hyping you now. My opinion of you hasn't changed… but we're in the same foxhole.

    The irony…

  3. You’re the Greatest Champ. 275-0 already in 2019 & congrats on Kimila these haters are jealous you fuck her daily. These sick delusional retards still beating meat alone crying like sad pathetics Lool pray for these no life haters 🙏🏻 I hope one day there broke ass can afford mental help 🙏🏻

  4. You cant box your sloppy and have no foot work your so much of a bitch you wldnt even walk down your owne house stairs to fight tempo nope instead tempo punk you like a bitch at your owne house hahahahhaah nvr seen tyson get punked like that

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