Cannabis Grown with Kratky Method Update #3: Passive Deep Water Culture.

Welcome back everybody! Here is a first look at our Kratky done Cannabis in Day 1 of flower. The plants have been put under a trellis net and will flower under …


  1. just use well made organic compost tea. can't use too much compost tea and you can always dilute it with more water or adding more compost tea re amps the microorganisms. this grow method with compost tea is nice since it can't nutrient burn the plant and compost tea should be a good pH if it's well made compost. as long as you have a pH meter you can easily naturally pH up and down with baking soda and vinegar.

  2. Maxi is not ph perfect, it's ph buffered, maxi makes a very acidic mix with ph 7 tap water. Usually low 4,s for me. U need to ph up maxi, but it will hold the ph value fairly well once set

  3. Thanks for capturing your experiment.

    I got a couple of questions:

    The first watering goes a couple of cm's above the net pot?

    Then you only have to wait for two weeks and refill?

    I really don't know how you should water this. I don't want my roots to drown.

    Whats your experience with algea?

  4. Man that is an awesome way to grow still don’t quite get it and what kind of buckets you need and how there setup but love it, keep the knowledge and info coming and keep it growin

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