1. 6 days ago I almost lost my life to Xanax. Ended up taking 7.5 Xanax and drinking 5 shots of alcohol. I blacked out 3 times that night and wasn't breathing each time I blacked out. I didn't remember anything. I would highly recommend to never take this drug unless your doctor has prescribed it for you.

  2. I always do some dumb shit on bars. They literally take away the shit that makes me give a fuck, so I wouldn’t care how fucked up I get so I’d eat em like candy

  3. I took one Xanax at night just so I could sleep past a certain class for school as I didn't want to go, I still had 2 xanxs left but 1 hour after taking the xanx I don't remember anything. Apparently I facetimed my friends and they for me to take the other 2 xanxs. They told me I was talking very slurred and stumbling whilst I walked and looking at my self in the mirror whilst also dancing. They also told me I ate a cracker which was on my table. After this I fell asleep and was out for 21 hours. I don't remember anything after 1 hour of taking the xanax, I have no clue why I took the other 2, I guess my friends are dumb and so am I. When I woke up I was dizzy and confused, i read some messeges I sent to friends and it was some funny shit ngl. Anyways I went to check if I still had my other 2 Xanax and I was annoyed to see there was nothing, so I asked my friends and they said I took them whilst I was on facetime.

  4. Stay away from fake Lean also. Fake lean doesnt contain prometh/codeine but alprazolam powder (xanax) in them. That shit will have you blackout and get a car wreck. If anything get a test kit for fake lean and fake xan. At least know what the fuck inside ur shit.

  5. I took 2 bars and chilled at my house woke up to random shit posted on my insta 3 hours worth of dms and the other 2 bars I had in the bag gone and the bag on the floor by my bed and I don’t remember anything past about an hour and 30 minute after I took the first 2 bars

  6. I blacked out a couple days ago. I took about 25 one milligram pills and I don’t remember shit. My family found me the next day in my car with the two front tires flat , the front of my car all crashed on top of the sidewalk. Apparently I ran out of gas and fell asleep in front of a gas station. I’m lucky I didn’t kill anyone and I don’t remember any of it or the following couple of days

  7. Another great, prime example of terrible content . Also as a little disclaimer for you… I watch your videos yes you're welcome for the view. BUT some people will say ''don't watch then, if you don't like it'' but me and my friends are amazed actually in how stupid you sound.

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