Best Weed Control for Lawns – Step by Step for ANYONE to have a Beautiful Lawn – Pre Emergents

Learn the best way to control weeds in lawns, that’s easy, fast and can give you a beautiful lawn all season long. Yet most homeowners don’t understand or …


  1. The negative I see here is that this is poison and ends up draining down to waterways. It's harmful to life. This year I went organic, used a ton of chicken manure, hand pulled out weeds. Have never seen so many good insects in the garden: (Bee's, butterflies, dragonflies, hover flies…). Pollination of plants was fantastic: happy days and no harmful chemicals.

  2. I don't know much about lawn care…so I have question to ask you…after fertilizing in early spring, you don't recommend watering the grass right away? Also, my grass doesn't look lush, think and green. What would you recommend for me to do? Early spring seeding? Thanks for the video.

  3. Time to get out and put down the crabgrass pre-emergent. First of April best time for it. Lesco makes awsome products. Really enjoy going to my local SiteOne store. They have everything I need and are helpful. Lesco and Anderson me awsome spreaders top quality

  4. I just scattered a ton of dandelion and clover seeds on my biodiverse 'lawn'. I love to eat dandelion salad and the bees, who are quickly disappearing, love the clover blossoms. So I save a lot of money and labor by not fussing over a monoculture lawn, don't poison my soil with ecocides and don't have to waste precious, clean water on keeping a grass lawn green in the hot summer months. My biodiverse 'lawn' also doesn't have to be cut as frequently and the lovely yellow and white flowers look attractive on their green background all summer.

  5. Awesome video Silver, don’t forget to water that pre emergent in really well, needs 1/2” of irrigation or rainfall to work properly. Also pre emergents don’t stop all weeds, mostly used for crabgrass prevention 🙂

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