Abuse Amnesia (You Are Who Narcissists Needs You to Be) – Evening TV

Abuse Amnesia (You Are Who Narcissists Need You to Be is a video that answers the question “Why does narcissist seem like he doesn’t even know me or was …


  1. Another Q&A from my new live show Embracing Reality with Evening Ransom this time about
    why the narcissists makes us into someone we never were as they discard us?

  2. That is why confronting them with anything is pointless. They deny, deny, deny. Or they will even turn it around and get nasty if you dare to confront. Most like to the exact thing again you confront them about. As if saying "so what", as if it is normal behavior what they are doing. Nullifying your feelings totally. 🙁

  3. Hopefully the group gains more members soon. Please don't get discouraged to join. I will admit I was hesitant on joining because of it being public but I agree on gaining more members. In my experience with th groups is that if it is open to public to join without a request to join , you may or may not accept possible narcs/trolls. I have seen it first hand and have dealt with the abuse of the social circles of fb groups. Once more members join maybe some will post and share stories. But don't be surprised if there isnt any action for a while. Some of us may still be enmeshed and trying to break free. I have most of my family (the dysfunctional and enablers) on restricted. So if many can follow suit by blocking any narcs on friend's lists or put them on restricted list there will be better chance of a smooth group for all involved. Last thing we need is one of flying monkies or other narcs sniffing around seeing as though you have actual unconditional support. They will get triggered

  4. They act and because they act and put on face they expect us to be that way. Everything is false they do and they hates us more when we don’t act or pretend to be who they wants us to be. How do they even live in there own mind when I can’t make sense of it. It’s like they have no solid ground or morals or values just pretend to be what they want you to see. We should be warned of these kinds of people from the time we are young. Psychology should be taught in at a young age. To understand our world got to understand the people in it

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