What Happened to the Red Wave of 2018

Republicans failed to get what should have been an overwhelming victory in the midterm elections of 2018. They instead endured heavy losses in the U.S. …


  1. Sarah says, people shouldn't be forced to wear seat belts as they only hurt themselves. I could agree with that only if the people not wearing them have medical insurance so as to not rely on health care which comes out of everyone's taxes.

  2. A god given gmo plant. Since it is allowed as a medicinal drug in most places, makes me wonder why so many weed users sound like cigarette smokers. All of you have made up your mind on this.

  3. Now if we could change the schedule federal UN imposed people's gun rights will not be infringed. Until federal law changes you will have hot heads trying to break into someone's home because they own a weapon. Also in Michigan forget about buying a gun, until this UN lie schedule imposed is repealed. Already in Pennsylvania a man was killed when police broke into his home early morning because he had a marijuana patient card and owned a weapon, no warranted need for such an assault which resulted in the homeowners death, waking in an alarm trying to defend himself.

  4. Republicans want to legalise cannabis to sedate the population so they dont rise up and try and take their money like when occupy wall street happened. The democrate want to legalise it so people vote for them. Its all money and power.

    The only possitive i can see from legalizing it is to take revenue away from criminals and to collect taxes from it for possitive things.

    Im uk, ive been watching alot lately, i like your accent.

  5. In German TV there was a dystopian movie. There, drugs are legal and fresh vegetables are illegal.
    Agenda 2020 – Die Überflüssigen (Agenda 2020 – The Obsolete)

  6. Unsubscribing – wait til you have teenagers and you find you cannot protect them from the drugs pushers. Legalising cannabis is just another slip down the slippery slope.

  7. This was mainly an appeal to sentiment, but no less powerful for that. It's usually the left who appeal to our feelings and the right who argue for logic. With this subject, you have both on your side. There have been no cases of 'cannabis overdose'. Nobody has died from using cannabis. The benefits are obvious to anyone who cares to do a search of YouTube for its effect on epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain. If someone has a good time smoking it, so what? It's nobody's business but theirs. I live in the UK, where cannabis is outlawed and far too much police time is spent chasing people who produce and sell it. I would love to be able to walk into a shop and get some for the pain that I've had for the last thirty five years, but instead I am given pills that would kill me if I took too many. Where's the sense in that? The only people who gain are those working for pharmaceutical companies and their friends in government. And the police, of course, who are always assured of something to do.

  8. Love your channel and love your work. Not with you on this, no hate but it's called dope because it makes you dumb! For medical or other use's let's keep the discussion going. Recreation No Way! Pot heads are not productive members of society. If someone is, great we agree to disagree. Best wishes. Keep sharing and caring.

  9. Your voice is soTherapeutic. Soothing and relaxing. And your speech is always enlightenning and insightful. Great work!

    Greetings from Spain. God bless the internet!

  10. Last year my federal government (Australia) "legalised" medicinal marijuana, but wrapped it up in so much red tape that you have to go through a strict process to apply for a batch, you can only get it from a specific location (that would involve driving for hours), you get enough for 1 month and then you have to go without for 2-4 months as you have to start the whole process all over again. It might as well still be illegal, plus I have a lot of chronic pain which means I have no choice but to take opioids and a muscle relaxant, and I'm over it all 😤

  11. It is so odd that the values of the two parties have so drastically changed in the last two decades. The Democratic party once claimed to have stood for classical liberalism while the Republican party claimed to have stood for traditionalism. Now that has completely flipped.

    P.S. As a side note you look gorgeous today Sarah.

  12. I use marijuana for 2 reasons firstly to help control the pain secondly because I suffer the scars of war. Flashbacks and nightmares you can not erase your memory of the horrors of war.

  13. The Demo-Commie-crat strongholds are Californication sanctuary, La La land and New York. Both states have a lot of Congressmen and women. Both state's have massive voter fraud. Illinois is another Bolshevik bastion where voter fraud is rampant. Giving free stuff for votes gets votes. Too many are on the welfare reliant train.

  14. Dear Sarah, I've been following you for a while, mostly because you have a fledgeling channel and I like to support smart people who are giving it good go. This video proves to me that you're not just swimming with the stream, rather you have an important depth of understanding and will decide for yourself regarding what is political and what is moral. I'll continue to watch you with interest.

  15. It makes sense to those invested in the prison service to maintain 98% capacity because they're run as for profit ventures .. the more tax money used, the more return on investment for their private shareholders.

  16. There was a cyclical event that happens in election cycles. New presidents typically LOSE in first term midterms, house and Senate. Trump was unusual in that he won the Senate, and got rid of the RINO's Corker and Flake, and still gained 2 extra seats. This is the upper chamber that approves judges, cabinet members, and directors of the 3 letter agencies. Gaining in the Senate in midterm 1st year presidents has only happened 5times in 105 years. Also, the 420 issue isn't front and center with Trump, it's about corruption and drain the swamp. The marijuana issue is a vestage of the compromise of the repeal of prohibition, and the pharmicutical industry holding the legalization of pot. Dems receive the bulk of that money, fwiw. Obama was very much AGAINST legalizing pot, federally.

  17. Bush Sr. actually said that we should never allow cannabis to be thought of as a "medicine." Yet, kids get their seizures greatly reduced from CBD. Florida voted overwhelmingly for medical cannabis yet the legislature threw obstacle after obstacle in the path of pain sufferers. Lastly, Democrat billionare and New York Mayor Bloomberg thought it a joke to state it and force it as policy that "we are going to take their perscription drugs from them." They have. Elderly, the sick are treated as drug addicts for needing OPIODS as pain relief. This is not merciful. Doctors do not give out Heroin or Cocaine, the drug of choice of the drug addicted opiod individual. Globalist run the Heroin and Cocaine trade and they launder it through JP Morgan. They use Heroin and Cocaine to pay the CIA's ISIS terroist. Everything is so very criminal in America among the so -called elite, both Rebublicans and Democrats and Wall Sreet bankers and the Federal Reserve

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