THE WEED-POCALYPSE!!! (end of weedtube)

Weedtube is over. Youtube is literally slaughtering cannabis channels by the dozens. Every day another channel has been ripped down. And clearly, no one …


  1. Just about ready to ban YouTube unsubscribe to everything they have start going to podcast or weedtube with that being said it takes away yes from learning from getting wonderful items that do not harm people like alcohol cutting the heads of people off which is on YouTube how to make a pressure bomb how to make a bomb pipe bomb is on YouTube how to become an Isis is on YouTube but yet you give YouTube a Content that God has put on Earth for us to use hemp and marijuana we use them as we need them if more people used it the better off our world would be but no YouTube wants to run Google wants to run I think I will be better off without YouTube only one person to watch and that's Roman Atwood and he has even dipped out of YouTube because of what they are doing I saw that a year ago damn YouTube you are going down the tubes real quick I still like 420 science and God they're still up but of course I'm sure YouTube will take them down but they have a website 420 good Lord YouTube I give up I am starting to unsubscribe and block YouTube from my cell phone thank you for ruining everyone's life

  2. Yo Q, you neeed to start expanding your network of channels.
    Build out your Instagram and Facebook following.
    Start new channels on whatever you think you can make long term content on and you would care about.
    Start contacting other creators in those fields you want to expand into for collabs to jump-start those channels.
    Once you've begun building a social media following promote those channels a bit, don't spam em.
    Collab collab collab. With every channel you can.

    This will expand your following, guarantee if anything goes wrong with any one channel the rest serve as a safety net for you, and you have a medium for voicing your own opinions. Bring in friends, people you don't need to pay, for guest appearances. If someone is a fit bring them regularly.

    Shatter the fucking box. I just feel you're in a slump man, and I know I'm being blunt. Start doing things outside your normal routine. Starting a new venture while trying to engineer a perfect mindset and enviroment go hand in hand, one is a permanent change to life which will help get you out of any ruts, while the other capitalizes on those changes while reinforcing them through the experience of doing them.

  3. I liked your video and I'm on your side, but here's a question – do you ever feel like getting intoxicated is simply evil? Love is the principle that should rule the world, and intoxication makes it difficult.

  4. The thing that pisses me off is they are taking down weedtube but still allow Logan Paul and his brother and all those other crazy people continue with their ridiculous videos 🙄🙄 I would rather my son watch weedtube than those people

  5. Make the content 21+ or 18+ and leave hte weedtubers alone. Most of the channels were educational. Leafly was educational. Tehchannels are being deleted. So many this and last month.

  6. Just wanted to say you're content was some of my favorite content on YT and I will never forget the laughter and smiles you gave. Be Easy Brother

  7. I watched this after I heard about what happened to Sasha (Silenced Hippie). I'm pretty scared about it. I haven't been active on my channel and it's not as big as hers or yours but I'm afraid that my channel will be deleted too. I put in a lot of work for my 1k subs. That's a big accomplishment for me and I'd hate to see it taken down so quickly :/

  8. Do you think this may be an opportunity for small weedtube channels to take advantage of big fishes going down and grab the field, or should they cut their losses, quit and hit another host?

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